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Work on £16m Arbroath Home Bargains retail park to begin in 2023

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Work is due to start early next summer on the £16m Home Bargains retail park in Arbroath.

That’s the target date set by the firm after its ambitious plan for vacant land at the Elliot industrial estate sailed through a special Angus Council meeting on Tuesday.

And local councilors say they hope the 200-job development will provide a derivative boost to the beleaguered high street by keeping shoppers in town.

Forecasts suggest that new development could bring more than £5 million to Arbroath each year.

“This will keep people who are currently missing on their way to Dundee in the city,” local councilor David Fairweather said.

Home Offers Arbroath
The planned layout of the Home Bargains retail park. Image: Angus Council

planning history

In 2019, councilors approved a retail park plan for the site of the former Presentation Products factory by another developer.

But it never came through.

Home Bargains’ parent company, Liverpool-based TJ Morris, bought the site about a year ago.

Earlier this year, the discount retailer presented a revised scheme for a slightly smaller development.

The anchor store will be a 30,000-square-foot Home Bargains outlet and an adjoining 10,000-square-foot garden center.

The site next to A92 Dundee Road will have a further four commercial units totaling 48,500 square feet and parking for 400 cars.

Home Offers Arbroath Site
An aerial view of the former Presentation Products site. Image: Angus Council

And there will be a drive-thru and drive-to restaurant near the entrance to the retail park.

Urban planner Ian Gallacher said the Arbroath development is one of ten projects he is currently developing morris.

The company has 500 stores across the country and employs about 22,000 people.

His ambition is to double the number of stores and increase the workforce to 40,000.

Earlier this year he opened a £7 million shop in Dundee and created 50 jobs in a new Blairgowrie outlet.

Gallacher said: “This is a significant investment for TJ Morris at Arbroath and Angus.”

When asked when the work would start, he replied: “I guess probably until early summer of next year.

“The idea is that Home Bargains would be the first phase of this.

“Once we get that anchor, hopefully we’ll get interest in the other units.”

Traffic problems

Despite their unanimous support for the plan, some councilors remain concerned about the traffic situation.

A new entrance with traffic lights will be created from the A92.

But the site is located next to the existing one westway shopping park.

Councilor Ross Greig said: “If you get to the traffic lights and mini roundabout at the wrong time it can take some time to get through.

The west road in Arbroath.

“It is one thing to enter the existing retail park, but another thing to leave it.”

He said he would not like to see the stretch of highway become a “massive bottleneck.”

Planning officials say they are confident the new crossing plans will be able to accommodate the additional traffic.

There was hope that a link road could be built between the adjoining business parks.

But councilors have been told that land issues are an obstacle to that.

Arbroath Independent Councilor Lois Speed ​​said: “What could be key to the success of this project is that the two retail parks can agree on shared access and I hope there can be further negotiations on that.”

Councilor David Fairweather added: “It will keep people in town to shop in town.

“This will give others a chance to fill empty spaces on the High Street as the city will start to get busy again.

“The economic benefit it will bring to Arbroath will be enormous.”

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[Work on £16m Arbroath Home Bargains retail park to begin in 2023]


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