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Weekend PC Game Deals: Stock up on Fallout, endless demos, and more

by Ozva Admin

Weekend PC gaming deals it’s where the best internet gaming deals come together in one place, every week, for your consumption. So kick back, relax and hold on to your wallets.

humble package

it’s time for another humble choice. The October selection has Arkane’s latest immersive sim headlining. In total, the bundle contains eight games that you can get as a single bundle.

The included games are deadly loop, Monster Train First Class Edition, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, Disciples: Liberation, Maid of Skier, Epic Chef, Railroad Corporation, Y Golf gang.

Receive all eight games if you join Humble Choice’s $11.99 individual subscription tier. You also get extra benefits like access to a selection of DRM-free games in the Humble Games Collection and an ever-increasing discount on the Humble Store.

humble package

Humble also brought two new game packs this week, and the first is the RPG Legends Collection.

This carries improved editions of Icewind Dale Y plane landscape for $1, followed by Complete Neverwinter Nightsbeside Baldur’s Gate I, its DLC, and Baldur’s Gate II for $10. The third and final level costs $20 to collect and only adds one item, which is a copy of Pathfinder: The Wrath of the Righteous.

Humble also introduced a Warhammer Vermintide Franchise Package Just yesterday. This offers the first Vermintide for $1, while the second tier at $10 offers Vermintide 2. The higher you go in the tiers, the more expansions and DLC you’ll receive, with 19 pieces of additional content available in the final tier for $18.

Free Rising Hell and Slain Back from Hell

Epic didn’t forget to put up their weekly giveaway either, bringing rising hell Y Murdered: Back from Hell to replace last week Rainbow and the Drone Racing League Simulator gifts

Rising Hell offers a roguelite experience in randomly generated levels filled with vertical platforming and enemies. Slain: Back from Hell also has plenty of enemies and bosses to take down, but with a focus on giving more of a challenge. Both games feature metal soundtracks to keep the action flowing.

You can claim the two hellish-themed titles until October 13. Next to the store, as a gift, you will find a copy of the classic mash-up collection. ToeJam & Earl: Back at the Groove.

free events

free weekends

It’s demo fest time on Steam again, with the latest edition of the store’s Next Fest kicking off earlier this week. You have until October 10 to experience gameplay parts of upcoming indie titles, of which there are hundreds from just about every genre imaginable. Head to the hub page here to order the available demos.

As for the regular free weekends that are currently online, there are several high-profile games available to try. Getting things started is from Bethesda. fallout 76, the open world multiplayer RPG set in the popular post-apocalyptic setting, opens its doors until the end of the weekend for everyone. Also free to play this weekend is Humanitythe 4X strategy game developed by Amplitude for those looking for a Civ-like strategy experience.

At the same time multiplayer medieval fighting entry. Mordhau as well as the cooperative 2D submarine simulator barotrauma they currently also have free weekend promotions.

Big offers

As we get to the weekend’s biggest deals, you’ll find the entire Fallout franchise on sale, thanks to the series celebrating its 25th birthday. Sega also joined in with a major publishing sale. Here is our list of highlights for you to peruse:

DRM-free goodness

The GOG store’s 14-year anniversary sale is still going on, so here’s another short list of highlights:

Please note that the availability and prices of some offers may vary depending on the region in which you are located.

And that’s it for our pick of this weekend’s PC game deals for everyone, and hopefully some of you have enough self-control not to break the bank by adding new games to your ever-increasing backorders. Of course, there are a host of other deals ready and waiting if you check the nets well enough, so keep your eyes peeled for them and have a great weekend.

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