McIntosh Labs XCS1.5K Center Channel Loudspeaker Unveiled

CEDIA 2022 in Dallas is only a few weeks away, but news about some very high-end home theater products is starting to roll in. McIntosh Laboratories offers a pretty wide and expensive range of speakers for home theater and stereo systems, but the new McIntosh Labs XCS1.5K center channel speaker could be one of their boldest launches in over 7 decades.

McIntosh Labs and McIntosh Group were recently acquired by mountain partners. However, so far it appears that the powers that be are supporting the established direction of him, as McIntosh has announced the latest speaker from him, the $40,000 XCS1.5K center channel speaker.

The XCS1.5K is designed as a center channel loudspeaker for the specific purpose of providing the ultimate in center channel loudspeaker performance, as well as complementing the equally ultra-high-end companions already in McIntosh’s lineup: the XRT2.1K ($130,000/pair) or XRT1.1K ($60,000/pair) Floor standing speakers.

McIntosh XCS1.5K Angled Center Channel Speaker

Main features of XCS1.5K

This is what you get for $40,000 with the XCS1.5K.

McIntosh XCS1.5K Center Channel Speaker Tilt Mechanism

speaker design: 3/4-way hybrid design with a McIntosh class look. Integrated into the XCS1.5K design is that it is tiltable. There are five preset angles so that the speaker can be optimally oriented to the desired listening position.

McIntosh XCS1.5K Front Center Channel Speaker

speaker drivers: There are a total of 43 speaker drivers mounted in an array distributed as follows:

  • woofers – Four 8-inch long-throw carbon fiber sandwich cone woofers housed in a vented bass cabinet.
  • Middle range – Fourteen 2.5-inch aluminum media
  • tweeters –Twenty-five 3/4-inch dome tweeters.
Close up of McIntosh XCS1.5K center channel speaker rear connections

connections: Three sets of solid cinch speaker binding posts are provided allowing bi/tri-amplification or bi/tri-wiring.

Cross: McIntosh strategically selected his drivers and supported them with a detailed crossover design to create a wider sound field. The crossover frequency points are 150 Hz, 500 Hz and 3 kHz.

High current capacity: McIntosh has built in capacitors and inductors that can handle the high current demands placed on them by any integrated power or amplifier.

Power management: In addition to handling high current, the XCS1.5K can handle up to 1,500 watts of input power.

Impedance: 8 ohms

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Frequent response: 32Hz to 20kHz

Sensitivity: 88dB

To finalize: 7 layers of high gloss piano black paint. Removable black woven fabric speaker grille.

Dimensions (Width): 49-31/23 x 17-3/16 x 21-7/32 inches (126.92 x 43.66 x 53.9 cm)

Weight: 178lbs (74kg)

McIntosh XCS1.5K Center Channel Speaker Left Angle with Grille

Price and availability

As mentioned near the top of the article, you can have the XCS1.5K for only” $40,000. It is expected to be available in October 2022 via Authorized McIntosh Dealers.

When McIntosh Labs releases a product, they expect it to last a long time, for example:

McIntosh XR50, LCR80, XR100 Home theater speakers were introduced in 2012.

Back angle of the McIntosh XCS1.5K center channel speaker

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