Konami Devs Would Like to ‘Keep Making More Suikoden Games in the Future’ – TGS 2022

Suikoden fans never thought they’d see the day their beloved RPG would return to modern consoles, but a new day may be dawning for Konami’s previously lost series.

Earlier today, Konami confirmed that Suikoden I & II HD Remaster is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Spearheaded by long-time Konami developers like Yasuo Daikai and Takahiro Sakiyama, the latter of whom directed Suikoden 5, it features some significant improvements, including auto-save functionality, a fast-forward command, and widescreen support.

Speaking with IGN at TGS 2022, the pair took some time to answer some pressing questions about the new update, starting with whether it would receive a new script. The original game’s localization was famously flawed, full of mistranslations, questionable word choices, and confusing sentences. It also lacked the nuance of the original writing, which Daikai says is due to the original’s limited text box.

“Initially, for the original games, the size of the dialog box was quite small and not much could fit in there. Japanese is a language that can say a lot in a very little space, but for English and other languages, it usually takes a lot of space to say the same thing. So in this game we have increased the size of those dialogue boxes, and that has allowed us to rearrange and work on the localization to be more in tune with the Japanese script, “explains Daikai.

It’s unclear how extensively the locations of the two games will be revised, but either way it should improve on their already excellent story of intrigue and tragedy.

Elsewhere, the pair discussed the decision not to bring the remaster to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, saying they appreciated the larger install bases of consoles like PS4 over the technical improvements current consoles offer. When asked if the collection would include concept art collections or restore cut content, they simply replied, “No comment.” However, they confirmed that the soundtrack will be updated and improved.

But it was Daikai’s comments on what the remasters mean for the series that may excite fans the most.

“I can’t say anything specific at this point, but we really didn’t want to have an ending with just the remaster,” says Daikai, “So yeah, I’d really like to keep making more Suikoden games in the future. So we hope that all of our fans will cheer us on and support us, and we hope that we can deliver on those promises and that you can enjoy them.”

For long-suffering Suikoden fans, it’s a marked change from Konami’s decade of silence surrounding the series. It’s far from a guarantee that there will be more Suikoden, but it leaves open the possibility of more entries in the long-running series.

One way or another, it sounds like Konami is very keen to revisit their old franchises. Castlevania, Contra, and other franchises have received elaborate retro collections, and there are persistent rumors of multiple Silent Hill games in development.

Suikoden is one of Konami’s most niche franchises, yet it retains a devoted fanbase to this day. First released for PlayStation in 1995, the first two games in particular are consistently listed among the best RPGs of all time thanks to their beautiful 2D sprites, elaborate storylines, and massive rosters. The series is so popular that when series creator Yoshitaka Murayama turned to Kickstarter to promote Eiyuden Chronicle, a spiritual successor to the original Suikoden, it was funded almost immediately. Konami almost certainly had that success in mind when it greenlit Suikoden remasters, but Daikai and Sakiyama wouldn’t say if that was the case.

“When you think of Konami RPGs, you think of Suikoden,” says Daikai. “It’s got a lot of fans and it’s a really good product, so from now on we want to make sure that a lot of people can interact with the series that we’ve made.”

For now, Suikoden 1 and 2 HD Remaster are in full development, and when it releases in 2023, it could well signal the start of more to come.

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