KAMM 912c wants to be a different type of restomod

In recent times, love for four-cylinder Porsches hasn’t been widespread, with 718 Boxsters and Caymans complaining. But we all know there have been plenty of memorable four-cylinder Porsches over the years, from the 914 to the 968 Club Sport, and it’s one of the old icons without a six-cylinder that’s now being given the restomod treatment. : the 912.

This is the Kamm Manufaktur 912c, an “exquisitely designed and beautifully built modern interpretation of the 1960s sports car icon.” Kamm is a company based in Budapest, founded by Miklos Kazmer. His stated goal with the car is to deliver nothing less than his “vision of the perfect 912”; what has been confirmed so far certainly points to a very, very special old Porsche.

What with Tuthill’s 911KWeight (or lack thereof) has been a focus for the Kamm team. A restored and strengthened 912 is clad in carbon panels; the team even went so far as to install Lexan windows, which means the whole thing weighs just 750kg. The fit and finish of the new panels is said to be ‘perfect’, and that extends to all the new parts as well: lights, fixings, rubber, plus upgraded brakes, suspension, wheels, etc.

The 912c engine is an evolution of the Porsche 616 engine, manufactured by the Swiss company JPS Aircooled. Now with a 2.0-litre capacity, it boasts 170hp thanks to modifications that include a 10.5:1 compression ratio, the ability to rev up to 7,200rpm and a “fast road tune”. Power is delivered to the road via a five-speed dog-leg gearbox with Porsche hydraulic racing clutch and ZF limited-slip differential.

Kamm says that the 912c has been “engineered from the ground up to excel on the road and the track.” To that end, the new car features custom-adjustable front shocks (said to be from Kamm), more adjustability in the rears as well, plus adjustable anti-roll bars to driver preference. Self-locking wheels and self-adhesive Yokohama AD08RS tires are also included. The ventilated discs are joined by a combination of 964-derived front calipers and Brembo rear calipers.

Although 170 hp means it will never be the fastest restomod out there, the appeal of Kamm’s ambition with the 912c: to maintain “the charm of a 1960s race car, with sensible upgrades, rather than trying to modernize by complete the 912 driving experience. It is not difficult to understand. Four cylinders instead of six hanging back means less weight to turn to begin with…

Also, of course, the Kamm Manufaktur 912c is carefully assembled. This is an expensive restomod Porsche, after all. So the tuner has installed its own carbon fiber seats in the interior, in addition to installing air conditioning and a modern stereo. Those who want the rear seats to remain can also keep them. Kamm wants the 912c to be used as a road car and not just exclusively on the track, so the interior specs may reflect that.

Miklos Kazmer added about the 912c: “Kamm is a proud child of the Budapest car culture, striving to turn the original classic cars into fast, reliable and perfected versions of themselves, all while keeping the analog driving experience intact.” . Which sounds pretty desirable to us. Builds will start next year, and buyers will either be able to supply a 912 to Kamm or have them sort everything out. It’s priced at €325,000, or just over Β£280,000 at today’s exchange rates.

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