iPhone hack: Tech whizz reveals how to draw perfect shapes on photographs and screenshots

Need to mark something on your iPhone screenshot? Tech Expert Reveals Little-Known Trick To Clearly Write Down: “This Changed My Life”

  • A tech expert has revealed a little-known handy trick for iPhone screenshots
  • Branch, from Brisbane, explained how to draw perfect shapes on iPhone images
  • When editing a screenshot or photo, draw a shape and hold your finger
  • The device will automatically transform the doodle into a perfectly neat shape.
  • Ramal shared the advice in a TikTok video that racked up eight million views.

An Australian tech whiz has shared a little-known iPhone trick for annotating screenshots and photos.

In a viral TikTok videoRamal, from Brisbane, explains how you can add neatly arranged shapes and symbols to images simply by holding down your finger for an extra second.

‘Why hasn’t anyone told me about this?’ the 21-year-old said in the clip that has racked up more than eight million views.

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Brisbane-based tech enthusiast Ramal wowed millions online after sharing a little-known iPhone trick that helps users draw perfect shapes on screenshots and images.

“You know when you take a screenshot on your iPhone and try to mark something there, but everything you mark looks like a complete puppy because you have the dexterity of a cucumber?” she asked.

‘Well, apparently that’s completely avoidable.’

The tech enthusiast said iPhone users can add shapes to photos by drawing a rough outline and holding down for a moment, before waiting for the device to “automatically clean up.”

You can even do the same with lines and arrows. Keep it pressed and so, much more orderly”, said Ramal.

The feature can be found in the editing tools when you take a screenshot, as well as the ‘markup’ option on existing photos.

Ramal said iPhone users can add shapes to photos by tracing a rough outline but holding your finger down for a moment before you're done and the device with

Ramal said iPhone users can add shapes to photos by drawing a rough outline but holding down for a moment before finishing and the device “automatically cleans” it.

How to Draw Perfect Shapes on iPhone Screenshots

  • Take a screenshot of the desired page on the iPhone. Press the power key and volume up to do so.
  • Next, tap on the floating thumbnail of the screenshot.
  • You can doodle with the pen effect and color you want by default on the screenshot.
  • Now draw a rough circle and once you finish drawing it, continue by tapping and holding the end point.
  • You will see that the rough circle transforms into a perfect one.
  • Similarly, you can draw arrows, rectangles, emoticons, and more, and your iPhone will convert them into perfect shapes.
  • Remember to draw the shape and once you’ve completed it, hold it down to automatically transform into its perfect version.

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Thousands of Ramal’s 364,700 followers were amazed by the simple trick that ‘changed his life’.

“OMG… I’ve had an iPhone for eight years and I’m still learning new tricks every day,” one fan wrote.

‘I just tried it, it works my God!’ another said and a third replied: ‘This just changed my life.’

‘He also does all the shapes… including hearts and stars… I didn’t know this,’ added a fourth.

‘It doesn’t work if you remove your finger from the drawing before pressing it. I had to try again to get it right. Good advice,” explained another.


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