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It’s a big weekend for Fortnite fans as Epic Games prepares to release Chapter 3 Season 4 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android. According to Epic Games, the new season of Fortnite, which is titled Paradise, has a release date of September 18 on all platforms. Needless to say, an update this big will require extensive server downtime, which starts at 7am BST UK time. The season officially kicks off when downtime comes to an end around 10am BST.

While long server downtime is never ideal, it does give fans enough time to download the 22.00 build, which will be much bigger than regular updates.

The news was announced by Epic Games on Twitter: “Version v22.00 will be released on Sunday September 18th and downtime will begin at 2am ET. We will provide another update when maintenance is complete.

“Please note that patch sizes will be larger than normal for all platforms.”

As part of the 22.00 update, Epic Games will introduce a new Battle Pass, complete with a selection of new skins, gliders, harvesting tools, emotes, contrails, and much more.

Judging by the first teasers, Spider-Gwen from Into the SpiderVerse will be one of the new main skins.

As you can see from the tweets collected by Hypex, Epic will be releasing some kind of chrome skin as well as a beastly skin.

Epic is certainly pushing the Chrome angle, telling fans in a recent teaser that “Chrome will consume everything, Chrome will be everything.”

Previous rumors suggested that the new season would have a Marvel theme, although this has since been debunked. There are even quiet rumors that a Lord of the Rings crossover could be on the cards, so stay tuned for more. Express Online will keep this story up to date with the latest developments related to the new season of Fortnite.

Eagle-eyed Fortnite fans have also seen new Season 4 content in the reveal of the SypherPK Icon Series skin.

Judging by the revealed images, a new sniper rifle will be available in Season 4, along with a new type of supply drop.

It’s also worth noting that Season 4 launches before the Fortnitemares Halloween event, not to mention the game’s fifth anniversary celebration on September 26. New details will be unraveled once the update is available for download.

Similarly, all of the Battle Pass, new weapons and features will be fully revealed in the Season 4 trailer, which unlocks at 7am BST UK time.

You can watch it as soon as it’s released by clicking play on the YouTube embed below.

Elsewhere, the competitive Fortnite experience will also undergo big changes for the new season.

In an Epic Games blog post, the studio confirmed plans to introduce a new Fortnite Divisional Cup format, starting with a Placement Cup and ending with elite competition.

Late Game playlists will also be updated, with Late Game Arena, Quick Cups, and Cash Cups returning later in Season 4 once Epic has fixed various issues.

Fans of Fortnite’s Zero Build mode will be pleased to know that several Zero Build Cups, with cash prizes, will be available each week.

Finally, Epic explains plans to offer new console competitions: “Console Competitors! For the upcoming season, you’ll notice that most tournaments are open to all platforms.

“However, later in Chapter 3 – Season 4, we will continue the Console Champions Cup seasonal offer with a $250,000 prize pool. In partnership with PlayStation, we will also continue to provide monthly Fortnite PlayStation Cups in September, October, and November. .”

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