Cervelo resurrects the Soloist as lovechild of the R5 and S5, balancing aerodynamics and lightweight

Many people will remember that the original Cervelo Soloist made a name for itself in the Grand Tours of the early 2000s… Well now it’s back for 2022/23, designed to balance aerodynamics and weight for “high street racers”. modern road bikes” who demand a bike that is both “fast and light”. Is this what happens when a cervelo r5 and S5 stay alone in a room together?

What is the new Soloist?

The best way to explain where the Soloist sits in the Cervelo range is in the brand’s own words:

“Far from being just for professionals, the new Soloist has been designed for the amateur racer week in and week out. It balances lightweight and aerodynamic performance to deliver a bike that truly is perfect.”

Cervelo goes on to say that the “Soloist comes in a hair lighter than the S5, but significantly more aerodynamic than the R5.” Although they don’t give us exact figures for either, to get an idea of ​​how light the Soloist is, the brand says it’s “…approximately 250g heavier than the R5 and 250g lighter than the S5.”

Cervelo Soloist 2023 steerer tube detail

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So while the S5 is out collecting Tour de France points jerseys and the R5 is busy in the Alps, the Soloist is designed for those of us who can only justify having one race bike in the garage. Cervelo says the Soloist is easy to work with and easy to transport, and can resist passage between team members throughout the season. yourUnlike many of the latest bike releases, you can also accommodate both mechanical and electronic groupsets.

The technological details

Cervelo Soloist 2023 gold frame

At the heart of the new Soloist, Cervelo has opted for a “BBRighT-47” bottom bracket. This is in many ways a larger version of the BSA threaded bottom bracket and aims to eliminate the creaking noises often associated with poorly adjusted (and manufactured) press-fit bottom brackets. Cervelo says that another reason to opt for threads is the ease of changing them.

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Internal routing of the Cervelo Soloist 2023

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As with almost all newer bikes, the cables/hoses are now integrated for “improved aerodynamics”. Unlike some bikes, including the Cervelo S5the cables are not routed through the stem and instead are clamped under the stem similar to the system used on the Specialized asphalt SL7 and new giant propulsion. This allows the stem to be removed or changed without the need to bleed the brakes, which is beneficial not only for position changes but also for transport.

Cervelo Soloist 2023 Black Seat Tube Detail

The new frame features more clearance than most road racing bikes with room for tires up to 34mm (size). Cervelo has also considered frame clearance for the latest super-wide wheelsets.

The handling geometry has been taken directly from the R5 hillclimb racing bike to create what Cervelo says is a platform with “balance, stability and precision.”

Cervelo Soloist 2023 geometry table

This is a proven formula from Cervelo and is identical to the R5 we recently reviewed.

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Prices and availability

Cervelo Soloist 2023 Color Options

The Soloist is available in six sizes, from 19″ to 24″, and in three different color combinations: Embers, Alpenglow, and Gold Dust, shown above from left to right. (Alpenglow is only available in frame and 105 mechanical builds)

2023 Cervelo Solista White 105

Cervelo will offer six groupset options, as well as the option to purchase just the frame, though it’s not yet clear which bikes, if any, will be available to buy at launch…

  • Soloist Force eTap AXS (£7,100)
  • Solo Ultegra R8170 Di2 (£6,800)
  • Solo Rival eTap AXS (£5,000)
  • Soloist 105 Di2 (£5,000)
  • Solo Ultegra (£4,500)
  • Soloist 105 (£3,500)
  • Frame only (£3,000)

These RRPs are significantly lower than the equivalent S5 and R5 builds; for example, a Force eTap AXS-equipped S5 or R5 would set you back £2,500 or £1,400 more than the equivalent Soloist version, respectively.

2023 Cervelo Soloist gold detail

The mechanical 105 build comes with Alexrims alloy wheels, Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tires, Cervelo own-brand alloy bars, and like all builds, a Cervelo ST36 stem.

The 105 Di2 and Sram Rival AXS builds not only benefit from the additional equipment, but also from Vittoria Corsa N.EXT tires and Fulcrum Racing 600DB wheels.

Meanwhile, Shimano R8100 Ultegra Di2 and Sram Force AXS build once again for Vittoria Corsa N.EXT tires but get Reserve 44-shaped carbon wheels and lighter AB07 bars.

2023 Cervelo Soloist landscape action shot

Full build specifications can be found at www.cervelo.com

Would you consider the Soloist your one bike for all rides? Let us know in the comments section…

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