Bethesda Unveils Disappointing Fallout 25th Anniversary Plans

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since we first opened the rusty door to Vault 13, but as one of the most beloved RPG franchises on the gaming scene, there’s a lot to be said for it. Fall. Rarely can a franchise change hands this many times and go from classic RPG to action RPG without being buried alive by critics.

In 2022, Fall don’t feel on top of your game, and while we’re warned that the mythical fallout 5 is still a long way off (becoming a priority when The Elder Scrolls 6 is finished), there are plenty of games to come back and enjoy in the meantime. here is hope fallout 5 It’s coming out in time for the franchise’s 35th anniversary… but don’t hold your breath.

What are the Fallout 25th Anniversary plans?

2022 has been a big one for gaming anniversaries, and while it’s not quite on par with 2021 celebrating Zelda35 and PokemonIt’s 25, we still have 25 years of golden eye20 years of the Resident Evil Remakeand 15 years of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Bethesda honors a quarter century of Fallbut not everyone is impressed.

in a chonky blog postBethesda explains what’s on the way with its month-long Fall celebrations throughout the month of October. From today (October 4) until October 11, you can play the divisive of 2018 Fallout 76 free. Prime Gaming subscribers can also get the base Fallout 76 free, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers get a free month of Fallout 1st. finally oblivion nuclear shelter The free game will receive new content for the first time in four years.

Not everyone was happy with the announcement. PlayStation owners have obviously complained about Xbox being the focus, but that was a given considering Bethesda is owned by Microsoft. However, this was not all. One reviewer wrote, “You could have at least recognized the existence of 3, New Vegas and the CRPGs. It looks like all 76.” Another groaned: “Honestly pretty disappointed that this is the best thing you can do for the 25th anniversary of the Fallout franchise. Still hoping you have something else up your sleeve but the likelihood of that is low. A third concluded: “ Could you celebrate? making a good fallout game? or just turning off f76 and making it non-canon would also be nice, thanks <3".

What’s next for Fallout?

As we said before, fallout 5 it’s still a long way off. We’ve already seen the Bethesda delay star field in 2023, and even when things settle down, we still have TES6 to get out of the way. A small ray of hope could make history repeat itself. When Bethesda was busy working on Skyrimit was delivered Fall to Obsidian Entertainment for the beloved new vegas.

There has been much talk about a possible new vegas sequel, and while nothing has happened yet, Microsoft’s ownership of Bethesda AND Obsidian could pave the way for a glorious partnership. We need something to bridge the gap between games, and as long as it’s not another mess like Fallout 76launch, we should be fine. Either way, prepare for what looks like a long nuclear winter.

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