Babylon’s Fall is shutting down in February 2023, just before its first birthday

Troubled Live Service Action RPG fall of babylon will close its doors on February 28, 2023, Square Enix and developers Platinum Games revealed today. The game had struggled to make an impact since its release on March 3 earlier this year, with the concurrent player count dropping to zero at times. It hadn’t looked good since the early days when, as he pointedPlatinum Games tweeted statements that Babylon’s Fall was “not in danger” just two weeks after its release.

The Babylon’s Fall team began their closing announcement by thanking those who played the game, which certainly can’t be many people. They said that, as a thank you, they would bring as many events and “other initiatives” as they could to Babylon’s Fall before it closes for good. Season 2 of the game will run as planned until November 29, when the final season of the game will begin. You can read the announcement and the end of service schedule in its entirety here.

Babylon’s Fall was released in early March 2022 and will wrap in early February 2023.

Platinum and Squeenix had Big hopes for Babylon’s Fall as a live service, as Katharine discovered when she spoke with the development team prior to its release. The game had the misfortune to reach the week of elden ringanother fantasy action RPG that dominated the first months of this year. Despite asking the players for their feedback in the Babylon’s Fall charts, and doubling the length of its second season to reevaluate your future back in May, it’s now clear that nothing Platinum or Square Enix hoped to do was going to save the game.

Babylon’s Fall’s concurrent player numbers languish in single digits at the time of writing, as you can see at Steam DB, and hasn’t hit the hundreds since April. I checked in with Dashiell Wood, who I spoke to when he became the leader of Babylon’s Fall. single concurrent player at one point in May, for their reaction to the closure announcement. “It’s heartbreaking, especially after all the assurances that service would continue earlier this year,” Wood told me.

“I can’t believe so much hard work from both developers and players is going to waste like this. It may be wishful thinking, but I’m still hopeful that the game will still be playable offline.” Some more clarification on what’s going to happen would be great for us finalists. I guess it’s inevitable that all live service games will come to an end and while I’ve always loved Platinum and her work, it’s still going to be hard for the company to rebuild that trust.”

In its The Fall of Babylon review In March, Ed called the game a “live debuff,” saying, “Apart from smaller glimpses of what it might have been, the game is a bewildering cascade of loot and stats that don’t mean much. Combat has its drawbacks.” moments but it’s largely bleh. The story is meh. And it’s all yours for £60, huh? I can’t help but feel the name of the game was prophetic.

As of this article’s publication, Babylon’s Fall is still available at Vapor for £60/$60/€70. However, digital and physical sales end today. No more in-game currency will be sold from today either. The game closes on February 28, 2023 at 7am GMT and February 27, 2023 at 11pm PT.

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