Are these (50 QUID) brake pads the future? Plus new carbon goodness from PRO, an Enve saddle, Ganna’s Hour Record attempt drivetrain + more

Catch up on all the important (and not so important) bike and team news this week! There’s some high-tech stuff including brake pads that claim to be the best in the world, a tire pressure gauge that claims to be the most accurate in the industry, powertrain details that attempt Ganna’s record, lightweight components from PRO and some things that are just been unlocked…

Absolute Black claims its new ceramic Graphenpads are the best in the world

The unique design is intended to increase the surface area of ​​the disc pad backplate, allowing more exposure to the wind, which improves cooling and therefore performance.

Options include Disc 34 for Shimano Dura-Ace (compatible with many Shimano road calipers) and Disc 35 for Sram eTap AXS. Both variations cost a whopping £49.99 a pair and claim to last 8,000km in “hilly terrain”. There are also options for Shimano XTR, Deore and Sram G2 brakes, so you can join the fun…

Absolute Black claims that the use of a new friction compound, which uses specially modified graphene to remove copper ahead of new regulations, allows for improved braking performance, durability and heat transfer. You can check their test results on the Absolute Black website. What do you think the brand will add graphene next? Let us know in the comments section.

PRO launches its lightest clip-on carbon aero bar and handlebar for gravel and triathlon

The new PRO Vibe Superlight handlebar and stem combo shaves 75 grams off the brand’s previously lightest cockpit. The new bar weighs just 154 grams (at 38cm width) and the stem only weighs 92 grams (70mm long).

2022 PRO Carbon super light bar and stem

The handlebar is available in 38cm, 40cm and 42cm widths, and will also make your wallet significantly lighter for £379.99. PRO says that the high-grade UD T1100 carbon layup includes Innegra fibers to improve impact resistance, and the bar is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable as well.

The £159.99 7075 alloy stem, meanwhile, is available in sizes from 70mm to 120mm and is angled at +/-6 degrees. PRO says that internal cable routing has also been considered for “seamless integration.”

2022 PRO Superlight Stem

PRO has also released a host of accessories including a stem expansion cap (£29.99) for the 1 1/4″ and 1 1/8″ carbon headsets which is said to be 40% lighter than the The brand’s lightest expander previously, it now weighs just 16g. There are also these clip-on carbon aero handlebars designed for gravel and/or triathlon use.

2022 PRO Compact Carbon Clip-on Aero Handlebar

The £149.99, 135g clip-on comes with Wahoo, Garmin and Bryton computer mounts as standard, and is constructed from unidirectional T700 carbon fibre. It’s compatible with 31.8mm handlebars and is sure to be a popular choice on fast gravel races.

Enve and Selle Italia collaborate to create new and elegant saddles

The new saddle is based heavily on the Selle Italia SLR Boost, but cuts the weight down to just 130.5g with carbon rails and 161g with titanium.

Carbon saddle 2022 Enve x selle italia

Like the SLR Boost, the saddle is available in 130mm or 145mm widths and features a large center cutout intended to reduce pressure on the perennial fabric. The upper material is a completely new matter; Enve calls it ‘Soft-Tek’, which is a special polyurethane cover with custom perforations and “subtle branding” to deliver performance without adding unnecessary weight.

Titanium saddle 2022 Enve x selle italia

The saddle uses standard rail dimensions (7x9mm for carbon and 7x7mm for titanium), is 248mm long, and costs $400 (~£351) for the carbon variant and $275 (~£241) for the carbon version. titanium rail.

Positive news from UK-based Spoon Group Ltd and a “custom performance electric bike” on the way

Spoon Group Ltd, the company created when the Spoon Customs and WyndyMilla bike brands merged in 2019, has closed a funding round totaling £740,000. The company says this investment will enable Spoon to realize its ambitious growth plans.

2022 Spoon Customs at Winnats Pass Landscape

We’re particularly intrigued by plans to develop a new performance e-bike in 2023. No word yet on what it will be made of, but we’re guessing it will be based on knowledge learned from the current Spoon Vars Disc. Pictured above, a custom built carbon road bike.


Muc-Off to optimize Ganna’s hour log chain

Following his support for Dan Bigham on last month’s hit Hour Record, Muc-Off will once again take part in a one-hour record attempt by optimizing Filippo Ganna’s chain ahead of his next effort on October 8.

Ganna muc-off plate

The Italian track and road cyclist will attempt to beat the 55.548km target set by Ineos Grenadiers performance engineer Dan Bigham in August. Both riders have selected Muc-Off to optimize their drivetrain, following in the footsteps of Sir Bradley Wiggins who used a £6,000 Muc-Off NTOC chain on his successful attempt in 2015.

Muc-Off plans to use an ultrasonic chain optimization process that involves heating the lubricant in an ultrasonic tank to the “precise temperature required to create optimum viscosity, allowing deep penetration at all contact points within the chain links.” chain”. In Bigham’s case, both the final run chain and the backup chain were put through Muc-Off’s full eleven-step optimization process seven times. We imagine Ganna will receive a similar treatment.

2022 Ganna Bigham Mucoff transmission chainring wattshop

For Bigham’s attempt, Muc-Off was able to achieve a massive 15% saving in watts lost through the drivetrain, which, combined with Muc-Off’s hardware selections, added a total of 87m to the record distance. final. This should add up to a huge advantage for a record that is famously hotly contested.

The total optimization process for each chain and ring supplied to the registry took about seventeen hours to complete. The Muc-Off team is now back in action in search of even greater efficiencies as they prepare to help push this highly coveted record further than ever before.

It’s not new but it’s cool! Take a look at this Chris King rear hub that has been opened up to reveal his secrets.

2022 Chris King center inside cut open

Chris King R45 wheel hubs have an envious reputation, and here’s a sneak peek inside the famous rear hub and freehub body.

The center of the road shown here has 45 points of engagement, meaning it rebounds every eight degrees. The Drive and Driven rings are made from heat-treated stainless steel, which Chris King says are capable of handling a torque load of over 800 ft/lbs (~1085 Nm), three times higher than other high-end bushings out there. they tried. . Awesome stuff!

added image…

Open Enve 2022 disc wheel cross section

Here’s an open tubeless Enve disc wheel. Someone really has a problem…

Silca’s 3D Printed Titanium Tire Pressure Gauge is now available for £259!

Silca’s “Truth Gauge” is designed to provide highly accurate and repeatable pressure readings for those who are “serious about tire pressure”. It is accurate to 0.2% at 0-60 psi and 0.5% at 100 psi, which Silca believes makes it the most accurate cyclic gauge on the market.

Silca Truth 2022 Gauge Tire Monitor

The device was originally built by hand by Josh Poertner himself and, according to Silca, has been used to over 100 WorldTour wins and five Paris Roubaix wins since 2010. The The USA-made digital display not only compensates for temperature and humidity, but also eliminates the parallax error common to analog readings.

Silca Truth 2022 Tire Pressure Monitor Titanium 3d Printed

Featuring a 3D printed titanium body, a medical grade stainless steel connection, a protective silicone rubber casing, and a valve connection port using a Silca 252 mandrel, the device has a battery life of 1200 hours. What is the next thing that Silca will print in 3D?

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