First Look: Pirelli’s New Scorpion Race DH & Enduro Tires

You may have noticed the Canyon CLLCTV Pirelli World Cup Team (the other vowel-phobic Canyon DH team) racing on some unreleased tires last season. Together with team mentor Fabien Barel they have been developing a full range of tires designed specifically for racing. Now, Pirelli is finally ready to reveal them. The new line of … Read more

Games Inbox: Is Red Dead Redemption 2 a bad game?

Red Dead Redemption 2: Gunshots (Photo: Rockstar Games) The Monday letter page is upset about all the video game company’s acquisitions, as a reader tries to buy a second-hand PS3. To join the discussions yourself send an email [email protected] cowboy developersFun reader feature over the weekend, about overhyped franchises, and I wouldn’t necessarily argue with … Read more

Alpina B4 Gran Coupe 2022 UK first drive

We’re often told that Alpina is all about “filling niches” unexplored by BMW, and in particular its M division. On the surface, this seems like a sensible idea. Why fight with cars that look like yours and are almost a perfect match in terms of performance, but have a letter on the trunk lid that … Read more

Super-speedy PCIe 5.0 drives are nearly here – but you seriously don’t need one

PCIe 5.0 SSDs, the next generation of solid-state storage for our PCs and laptops, are almost here. It’s tantalizingly close now, with industry titans like Privateer Y M: YES preparing to launch new drives that promise transfer speeds of more than 10,000 MB/s. As someone widely known as a big fucking nerd, I’m seriously excited. … Read more

How To Get Cyberpunk 2077’s Secret, Best Ending, 2022 Edition

cyberpunk 2077 CDPR As I think about what guides worth revisiting During what is essentially a second release of Cyberpunk 2077, I came across something in my own game that I had forgotten about for almost two years. The secret ending of Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077 has many different endings that revolve around Arasaka, Johnny, … Read more