Jeep Reveals Three New Electric SUV Coming To Market By 2024

Jeep has revealed its three-pronged approach to being a leader in EV SUVs, with a trio of quite different electric models set to debut in 2024. They’re the Jeep Avenger, a small but tough crossover designed for Europe, the Recon, which is a more rugged model geared towards the off-roader with global ambitions, and finally the Wagoneer S, which will be a more luxurious, adult offering that isn’t really related to the current Wagoneer ICE model.

The vehicle which was referred to as the Jeepster EV in some speculative reports announcing his arrival is called the all terrain Avenger. It will go into production at the Stellantis factory in Tychy, Poland, next year, when it will also debut in Europe, the market for which it was exclusively designed. It will still retain the usual robustness of a Jeep, but its smaller size will make it more suitable for the narrow roads of the Old Continent.

Its manufacturers target a WLTP range of around 400 km (250 miles) on a single charge, and it will most likely be available as a front-wheel drive vehicle in lower trim levels. It will be built on the STLA Small platformwhich has only been used for front-wheel drive vehicles so far, but it’s an updated and reworked version of the architecture, so possibly they can now add a rear engine; It seems a bit strange for Jeep to sell a vehicle that is FWD only, so we think AWD will be part of the package.

Jeep emphasizes its strong off-road capability in the press release, clearly hinting at all-wheel drive. The Jeep Avenger will make its official debut at the Paris Motor Show this fall.

Up next is the Jeep Recon, a boxy, overtly off-road-oriented model that its makers say is capable of tackling serious off-road trails right out of the box. It is not based on any existing Jeep ICE vehicle and has been designed from the ground up as an EV; Not much is shared about this model, but according to Christian Meunier, CEO of the Jeep brand,

The new all-electric Jeep Recon has the ability to traverse the mighty Rubicon Trail, one of the most challenging off-road trails in the US, and reach the end of the trail with enough range to drive back to town and recharge.

North American reservations for the Jeep Recon will open in early 2023, though it will be a global model available in many markets, including Europe.

The final big reveal was what Jeep is calling its all-new, all-electric vehicle. wagon model, currently codenamed Wagoneer S, and is expected to be revealed next year in the US but targeting a global market. You’ll get a standard dual-motor four-wheel drive setup, up to 600 horsepower (0 – 60 mph in 3.5 seconds), and the manufacturer is targeting a range of around 400 miles on a single charge, thanks to a sleek , bass. suspended design that will make the vehicle as aerodynamically efficient as possible. Christian Meunier points out that

We will delight our customers with a highly efficient premium SUV that is packed with technology and high-quality craftsmanship, offering 4×4 capability, high performance, quick acceleration and a target range of 400 miles on a single charge.

He added that

Today we’re sharing just a glimpse of our new all-electric SUV portfolio, providing tangible evidence of what’s to come in the next 24 months and why we say 4xe is the new 4×4. This powerful combination of Jeep design, legendary 4×4 capability and electrification will reshape the SUV market, allowing more customers in more countries and across more segments to join us on our journey to Zero Emission Freedom.

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