Thousands of operations likely to be cancelled during NHS strikes, trusts chiefs warn

Thousands of hospital surgeries are likely to be canceled as NHS leaders prepare for an unprecedented strike, the independent it’s been said

Most operations apart from cancer care are likely to be canceled as nurses join the picket line, with NHS trusts planning staffing levels similar to public holidays.

Multiple sources say they are almost certain the upcoming Royal College of Nursing vote will result in a strike. The results are expected to be ready on Wednesday.

A senior NHS official said the independent: “[Strike action] That’s definitely the way it’s going, of course it’s not just the RCN that’s voting, the BMA is overdue for young doctors.

“The trusts are looking at the totality of that. It’s the waiting list that’s going to be affected, the massive questions about waiting lists, and we’re going to lose days of activity in terms of addressing that growing pressure.

“The more we see strikes, the more difficult it is, the risk is [that] recovery rate [of waiting list] slows down.”

They added: “The unions normally provide bank holiday cover and basically maintain the emergency service.”

An analysis last month by the London School of Economics showed that nurses’ pay has fallen by 20 per cent over the past decade.

The researchers also said that at least 32,000 nurses leave the NHS each year, in part due to the erosion of living standards due to falling real wages.

The results of the RCN vote could see nurses strike before Christmas, but the union has the option to hold strikes during a six-month window, the independent understands

The RCN results come as the Unite union has launched a vote on strike action for 100,000 NHS workers, including blood test staff, dental professionals and psychotherapists, while the GMB union is voting on 15,000 ambulance workers.

sources said the independent that any ambulance strike action could result in only the most urgent category one and two calls being answered, while less urgent category three or four calls may be refused.

Last week NHS England published a letter asking trusts to start preparing for the strike.

An NHS boss said the independent He said: “I am working on the basis that we will agree on the levels of provision of services on bank holidays and the provision of non-elective rooms. I don’t think we do any elective care other than cancer surgery.”

“That will be more difficult to define for some services in the community and where you draw the line around elective provision there.

“I think we are worried that this time we will receive less attention than with the young doctors, but I think we can mitigate that by putting the plan in place.

“Ambient music seems to be [strike action] It’s going to happen and it’s going to hit hard. The staff is more upset than perhaps we realised. What is really worrying everyone is that it is not so much about the clinical staff, as it can be easily divided into elective care or not.

Another boss said: “We are going to try not to cancel patients” [care]You never know for sure how many staff members are going to be on strike, and they still don’t want to talk about how they’re going to protect services.”

“There are challenges everywhere, if you went back a few years we would have had more room to deal with this, but it has been so challenging for so long with continued high levels of disease that it is hard to see how we would do it. cope with any reduction.

“We look forward to the continuation of emergency services as the doctors will not want to put that at risk.

“The goal of their action is to ensure that they have colleagues around them in the future. It’s less about their individual earnings and more about recruitment and retention…they’re not a militant group of staff and very passionate about what they’re trying to do for the future of the NHS.”

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