From tech to trucking to health care: Canada’s most in-demand jobs for skilled immigrants and refugees

Posted September 22, 2022 at 07:30am EDT

This moment in the Canadian labor market is like few others in the country’s history. Skilled immigrants and refugees, along with their knowledge, talents and experience, are in high demand throughout Canada. Numerous industries are looking for employees who can help their businesses grow, innovate, and deliver critical services to their customers.

East unprecedented demand It’s happening during a time of record unemployment with shortages in healthcare, IT and the Canadian transportation industry. At the same time, newcomers are already finding success in these sectors. immigrants understand one in four health workers; more than a third of those working in science and technology are also new Canadians. A most truckers operating in Canada’s largest cities are newcomers.

Microcredit for windmills, a national charity that offers affordable loans to qualified immigrants and refugees to pay for accreditation, training and career development costs, wants to help more newcomers achieve their career ambitions in Canada. Windmill Trend Jobs Reportis a free province-by-province guide to help new Canadians find a career filled with growth and opportunity. It uses recent labor market data to empower you as you plan your career in Canada, helping you on the path to your goals.

Opportunities for career advancement in a variety of occupations

The Windmill report points to steady and continued job growth in the following Canadian sectors: construction, community services, engineering, financial services, health care, information technology, law, transportation, and natural resource extraction and production. These are industries that will continue to be in demand for skilled workers, moving forward and are currently paying a premium to attract talented employees.

Relatedly, the specific jobs that show the most promise for growth include:

  • Business data analyst
  • Civil engineer
  • computer network technician
  • cybersecurity specialist
  • Education worker or administrator, including early childhood educator, teacher, or principal
  • Family doctor
  • Financial auditor or accountant
  • human resources professional
  • lawyer
  • Natural resource mining, quarrying, or production worker, including minerals, metals, and forestry (Northern Canada and Atlantic Canada)
  • Male nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Skilled trades professional including electrician, mechanic, or plumber
  • Software engineer
  • Truck driver

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How Windmill can help you find success in an in-demand field

If you’re a skilled immigrant or refugee looking for a hot Canadian job, Windmill’s low-interest microloans can help pay for the costs of the training, bridging programs, designations, certifications or career development courses you need to have success.

Windmill loans can be used for:

  • Education and training programs of two years or less, including courses to help you advance your career
  • Fees for licenses and qualifying exams
  • Living allowance to support you during your training, leave or relocation
  • credential evaluations
  • Training in English or French language.
  • Job relocation costs
  • Travel expenses to take courses or exams not available in your area
  • Books, teaching material and work equipment
  • Fees of professional associations

In addition, Windmill offers personalized client success coaching, a mentoring program, financial planning and budgeting tools, and a Center for Success and Career Planning where you can find a variety of helpful supports.

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Do you want to know the education and training steps you need to take to achieve your career goals in Canada in a growing field? Download Windmill Educational Routes for Qualified Beginners today.

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