Foxhunters Care Community nurse in Abergavenny up for award

A NURSE described as the “heart” of a Gwent nursing home she runs has been nominated for a national award.

Helen Davies-Parsons received praise from her staff and colleagues after addressing the increased workload during the pandemic like “a runaway train”, ensuring residents of Foxhunters Care Community in Abergavenny remained comfortable.

As a result, Ms Davies-Parsons has been nominated for the Outstanding Service award at the Welsh Care Awards, which will take place in Cardiff on Friday 21 October.

Having trained as a nurse in the 1980s, Ms. Davies-Parsons held a number of senior positions in the independent care sector, before forming Dormy Care Communities in 2015.

But during the pandemic, Dormy Care Communities, along with all other nursing home operators, faced a host of new challenges.

“It was a difficult time for everyone, but we got through it as a team. We work together and move on,” he said.

“During the lockdown, it was almost like the staff and residents became one big family. We made it bearable by organizing our own entertainment, concerts and karaoke nights, sharing pizza and pastries to lift our spirits.”

A colleague and fellow nurse manager said, “I proudly work for Dormy Care Communities, a small care company with a big heart. And that heart is Helen Davies-Parsons.

“When Covid-19 landed on our shores, Helen got ahead of the game by making sure we had pandemic plans and risk assessments and personally bought as much PPE as she could to make sure we had the tools to combat this infection.

“He made sure his staff were supported and that good communication was maintained at all times.”

Ms. Davies-Parsons operates four nursing homes in England and Wales, but despite being CEO of the organization, she continues to work day and night nursing shifts.

“I have always loved being a nurse,” she said.

“I wear a few hats these days, but my nurse hat is nailed on. It never comes out.

A member of Dormy Care’s management team said: “Helen is still a nurse and is seen on the floor in her uniform working alongside her teams for many hours, often without seeing her own family for weeks, even during breaks. holidays and family birthdays.

“She’s such a passionate, hard-working woman, she’s like a runaway train.”

Mario Kreft, President of Care Forum Wales, said: “The social care sector is full of wonderful people because it’s not just a job, it’s a calling – these are people who go the extra mile for others.

“During the covid crisis, this fantastic workforce rose to the challenge, risking their own lives to do everything they could to protect the people they care for.

“Unfortunately, it has taken a global pandemic for many other people to realize how important and significant our social care workforce is.

“If you don’t recognize people who provide care, you will never provide the standards that people need and you will never recognize the value of people who need care in society.

“All nominees deserve praise and applause and it is a real pleasure to honor the contribution of all finalists.

“I congratulate all the people who have shown great dedication and professionalism. Each of them should be proud of their achievement. They are the best in Wales.”

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