Why Private Practice Will Always Survive

Employed doctors are often torn. Many enjoy the steady salary and the ability to focus on being doctors instead of handling administrative tasks, but they bemoan their employers’ rules and their lack of involvement in key decisions. And so many doctors are leaving employment to start a private practice. Seven doctors spoke to Medscape about … Read more

Melatonin should be avoided in children unless directed by a health care professional, says sleep academy

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) urges parents to consult a healthcare professional before beginning their child in melatoninbased on a recent health advisory. “While melatonin may be useful in the treatment of certain sleep-wake disorderslike jet lag, there is much less evidence that it can help healthy children or adults fall asleep faster,” … Read more

‘It’s never too early and never too late to reduce your risk of dementia’

The evidence for all this, he says, is relatively new. “We’ve put a lot of emphasis on the effects of normal aging on the brain,” she says, adding that when she was a medical student “we were told that after age 20 brain cells die.” The reality is that, “while short-term memory fails, which is … Read more

Pakistani hospital overwhelmed as water-borne illnesses spread

Sehwan hospital in southern Pakistan is overwhelmed Patients arrive from flood-affected areas Thousands suffer from waterborne diseases WHO warns of ‘second disaster’ after catastrophic floods SEHWAN, Pakistan, Oct 3 (Reuters) – The emergency room at the main government hospital in Sehwan, a small town in southern Pakistan, is overwhelmed. On a recent visit, Reuters saw … Read more

Skipped cancer screenings this past year? It’s time to restart

CNN — As such, I attend large events, including conferences and indoor meetings. I would prefer that these events require proof of vaccination and a negative test result on the same day. If they don’t, they are less safe, and I certainly understand if others want to avoid them for the time being, just as … Read more

‘Highly Profitable’: Pediatric Gender Clinics Are Opening All Across The Country

Pediatric gender clinics have sprung up across the country in great numbers over the past 15 years, offering psychological, medical, and even surgical interventions for children who are uncomfortable with their biological sex. The explosion of these clinics coincided with the rapid rise of transgender identity among young Americans. “It is natural to assume that … Read more

Entrepreneur Anna Mowbray invests in ambitious healthcare start-up

Steven Zinsli, founder of health technology startup Health Now, and investor Anna Mowbray. Photo / Supplied New Zealand businesswoman Anna Mowbray invested in a healthcare startup in hopes of making healthcare more accessible. Auckland-based Health Now allows consumers to split payment for doctors, dentists and other health services up to 12 weeks as part of … Read more