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This Week’s Best Value Investing News, Podcasts, Interviews (9/2/2022)

by Ozva Admin

This week’s best investment news:

Giving up diversification (TRUE)

We just can’t help it (Jamie Catherwood)

Howard Marks and Andrew Marks: Something of Courage (Acquired)

September is the worst month for stocks (Valid)

Mohnish Pabrai: Getting Traction Without Funding (MP)

the big mess (Rudy Havenstein)

Warren Buffett turns 92 today, but still eats like a 6-year-old (Fortune)

The ‘massive momentum structure’ in the stock market is unraveling (Felder)

battery decade (Noahpinion)

Most of us are secret momentum investors (Behavioral investment)

Jeremy Grantham – Entering the final act of the Superbubble (GMO)

Optimism has returned to the market | Jim Rogers (ET now)

Warren Buffett cuts his stake in China’s BYD, raising more bets (Yahoo)

Will the cloud kill the data center? Jim Chanos thinks so (FOOT)

the house of cards (Absolute return)

There are ‘unusually attractive’ prices for up-and-coming companies, Ron Baron (CNBC)

Tech Stocks Outperform: Truth or Myth? (Chris Leitner)

“Most active fund managers should quit” (FOOT)

focus to win (Farnam Street)

How the head of Facebook plans to compete with TikTok (Edge)

inflicting pain (humble dollar)

Growth stocks bear the brunt of rate hikes, says Charlie Bobrinskoy of Ariel Investments (CNBC)

Is the housing market going to collapse? (PragCap)

Ray Dalio and David Einhorn are betting almost $4 million on EV (Yahoo)

Risk is deeply personal and always contextual (Morning Star)

Bill Gross: Win (BG)

Some companies have not paid dividends since 2020 (WSJ)

Looking for a middle ground along the risk/return spectrum (First Eagle)

I’m worried Fed Chairman Powell is tightening too much, says Wharton’s Jeremy Siegel (CNBC)

Why Investors Went Crazy About AMC Stock (WSJ)

New 3 Minute Money: How Interest Rates Are Set (PragCap)

Is now a bad time to retire? (WSJ)

Transcription: Eric Balchunas (Barry Ritholz)

OMG: let’s not get carried away (GMO)

Know What You Own: Stocks vs. Companies (Poland)

The Little Idea: Deja Moo (First Eagle)

Lux Q2 2022 Letter (Lux)

This week’s best value investing news:

Value investing has changed (Valid)

Value Investing: Swing Less, Hit More (Medium)

A Value Investor’s Analysis of Student Loan Forgiveness (Vitaly Katsenelson)

Exiting value stocks requires some dubious assumptions (Bloombergs)

This week’s fear and greed index:


This week’s best investing podcasts:

TIP473: Using Volatility to Hed Inflation with Nancy Davis (TIP)

Siegel on Inflation, the Fed, and Meme Stocks (what goes up)

Buffett’s Favorite Lessons, Yield Curve, Inflation, Management Teams, and Matching a Style to Your Personality (HR)

Vitaliy Katsenelson—Soul in the game (EP.121) (infinite loops)

Episode #440: Jason Buck, Mutiny Fund – Carry, Convexity and The Cockroach (Meb Faber)

#315 – Magnus Carlsen: The greatest chess player of all time (LexFriedman)

Rodrigo Bitar – Empty Rooms: Investing in Venezuela (Capital allocators)

Everything investors need to know about the Federal Reserve’s policy with Cullen Roche (Excess Returns)

Kevin Cole: Systematic Multi-Strategy of 100+ Models (S5E12) (FWM)

Buffett indicator this week:


This week’s best investment research:

DIY Trend Following Assignments – September 2022 (Alpha Architect)

Are bonds a bust, again? (AllStarCharts)

Regime Shifts: Why the S&P 500 Could Underperform Alternative Weighted ETFs (All About Alpha)

A natural capital approach to sustainable investing (AFC)

This week’s best investment tweet:

This week’s best investment chart:

Mapped: The Richest Billionaire In Each US State In 2022 (Visual Capitalist)

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