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The top 10 recession-proof jobs for 2023

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The top 10 recession-proof jobs for 2023

In spite of the imminent risk of a recessionNot all jobs are vulnerable to a potential downturn, according to a new report by Payscale.

Although the technology industry layoffs have increased This year, for example, jobs in business services, health care, food services, and recreation and entertainment are likely to grow by 2023, the compensation research firm has found. Here’s a list of 10 jobs Payscale expects to thrive in the coming year, even if the economy tanks.


Servers and other servers were laid off en masse during the coronavirus pandemic as the restaurants closed. Many of those employees have not returned to their food service roles, creating a high demand for labor in the industry, Payscale said. Server wages increased 30% in 2022 to a median of $19,900, not including tips.

private banker

An increasing number of wealthy Americans will seek advice from private bankers on how to safeguard their money from persistently high inflation and current stock market volatility, Payscale said. The big banks, which have trimmed their ranks of investment bankers and mortgage-focused workers, are hiring private bankers heavily. The median annual salary for private bankers has shot up 25% this year to $93,000.

media director

The job market for media directors (people who run ad campaigns) is competitive, and even more companies will be looking to hire them next year. Media directors’ salaries in 2022 increased 23% to a median of $108,000.

emergency dispatcher

Sending police, firefighters and paramedics to emergencies has become an increasingly stressful job, Payscale said. As a result, local governments have increased salaries to attract more candidates for these positions. The median annual salary for emergency dispatchers increased 19% this year to $44,500.

sales consultant

Sales consultants are responsible for launching product promotions, an even more crucial role for companies in an economy where inflation has sapped consumers’ purchasing power. Salaries for sales consultants have increased 18% this year to a median of $56,800, Payscale found.


Not surprisingly, microbiologists found many more job opportunities during the pandemic, especially those who study viruses and help develop vaccines, Payscale said. Laboratories and pharmaceutical companies will continue to look for more of these workers in the coming months. The median salary for microbiologists in 2022 increased 16% to $59,000.

director of marketing and business development

These employees are responsible for landing new customers, a role that will become increasingly important for businesses in 2023, Payscale said. The median annual salary for marketing/business development roles increased 16% this year to $119,000.

Dock worker

Dock workers often operate in dangerous and unpleasant conditions, but America’s ports couldn’t function without them. And those employees, who load and unload cargo from ships, will play a vital role in keeping the global supply chain running, Payscale said. Longshore worker wages grew 15% this year to an average of $41,100.

Electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician

EKG technicians operate the machines that monitor electrical activity in a person’s heart. Payscale noted that EKG roles are expected to grow 22% by 2024, citing data from the US Department of Labor Salaries for EKG technicians in 2022 grew 15% to a median of $40,400.

installation technician

Working as an installation technician, someone who connects electronic systems or equipment in homes and businesses, can be a solid career path for Americans without a college degree, Payscale said. The median annual salary for such roles increased 15% this year to $41,100.

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