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The new Google Pixel Tablet will double as your Nest Hub display

by Ozva Admin

Do you have a Google Nest Hub? If so, you may barely be interacting with it unless your phone isn’t in your hand, and even if you’re lounging around the house, the visible information is just that: visible.

During today’s Google hardware event, the company discussed how it wants to help you make better use of larger screen devices in the home and, surveying tablet users, found that the majority of the population barely left from home with your device.

Despite this, there is a growing need for versatility in the technology we integrate into our lives. Four-in-one laptops, Pixel phones that double as smart home control centers while docked, and so on make it painfully obvious that the big, beautiful screen that’s stuck to a stand on your kitchen counter is underutilized. and underrated.

Revealed today and available sometime after the new year, the new google pixel tablet will solve that problem by giving you a home and on-the-go tablet device that also doubles as a Nest Hub via a dock that looks like the original device’s speaker back.

Not to be confused with the Google Pixel C tablet from 2016, this new one runs the latest version of Android and takes full advantage of all the legwork Google has done over the past year with app developers to create beautiful experiences that scale and adjust. adequately to a tablet screen. It’s also made from premium materials (a nano-ceramic finish) which puts it well in line with all other Pixel devices. Truly, this is the device that was missing the puzzle piece that many of you have probably been waiting for.

When we started designing the Pixel tablet, we set out to understand how people use their tablets and what they love and don’t like about them. And it turns out that tablets are home: they are at home most of the time, but they are only useful for a small part of the day. The rest of the time, tablets feel out of place in our homes. Tucked away in a drawer, misplaced, posing a trip hazard, or just plain dead. So we set out to build something better.

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Because it also uses Material You, the company’s beautiful personalization design language, it should feel like an extension of your phone to watch, play, and create. The new Pixel tablet comes with the G2 Tensor chip built in, giving you better image processing for the built-in camera, machine learning, and other Pixel features like video calls, photo editing, and Assistant commands for everyday tasks.

When you’re done using the tablet, simply walk over to its stand and put it down. The magnets on the mount itself have been specially created to make it easy to attach and remove the device without any hassle, but also without slipping. Once docked, you can use Pixel’s ambient display to control your smart home devices, play music from YouTube Music, or watch something on YouTube or Netflix while you cook.

In fact, I am very excited about the launch of the Pixel tablet. I want to give up my second-gen Next Hub and my Lenovo Chromebook Duet 3 instead, and I think it will provide not only a more useful smart home control center for all my needs, but also a better note-taking and drawing experience. that ChromeOS tablets have in the past. Let me know if you’re going to reserve the Google Pixel tablet when it’s finally available.

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