why commercial banks will be key players

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), a digital form of central bank money, are firmly on the radar of central banks globally. According to the Atlantic Council more than 100 countries are actively exploring a CBDC. Many are further along in their journey and some have already launched. But why do we need them? And what … Read more

Amazon’s Newest Smart Device Helps Track Your Sleep

The Halo Ring sits on a nightstand and detects your sleep. Screenshot: Amazon Amazon held an invitation-only event today to introduce a batch of new connected devices to its smart home ecosystem, and we’re here to share the details. The company Announced the Halo Rise, a device that sits on your nightstand and helps monitor … Read more

India’s startup market has tremendous potential

India’s startup market is worth betting on, though it is still “a few years” behind China’s, said Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin. During a panel discussion at the Forbes Global CEO Conference in Singapore this week, Saverin said his investment company B Capital is deploying “a lot of dollars” in India. and is thinking about the … Read more

Apple and Tesla are the ‘last bastions of hope’ for retail investors, say these analysts

Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc. are the stocks to watch in the days ahead, as deeper losses for investor favorites could herald a retail capitulation. That’s according to analysts at Vanda Research, who made their case in a note Wednesday as the iPhone maker battled a selloff. “Sentiment and hard money data deteriorated further in … Read more

This Deluxe Steam Deck Kickstand Makes A Huge Difference

Photo: Kotaku While the steam cover, Valve’s upgraded mini PC, offers a wealth of gaming experiences in a portable format, the lack of a kickstand has been a sore spot. Enter the deck mate: A simple plastic bracket that allows you to attach not only a very useful kickstand, but also various other specialist mounting … Read more

Lowe’s Tests Interactive Virtual Models of Two Stores

home improvement retailer Lowe’s Cos. said it created interactive and immersive 3D models of two of its US stores to gain better visibility into inventory data and store layouts. The models, also known as digital twins, are essentially completely virtual versions of physical stores, updated in real time with information from sensors and point-of-sale devices … Read more

What Kroger, Walmart, Target learned from China about grocery’s future

Now in business for 140 years, Cincinnati-based Kroger accelerated its push into digital retail during the pandemic, and the grocery chain isn’t looking back. Kroger has adopted an omnichannel strategy, integrating offline or in-store sales with online ordering and logistics. It’s a concept that originated in China in 2016 when founder Jack Ma of e-commerce … Read more

Tech update: Clock ticking for Canada’s EV battery industry

As extreme weather fueled by climate change continues to wreak havoc, experts stress the need to move away from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs), they say, will contribute significantly to the reduction of global greenhouse gases. A new report of two Canadian research groups say we have a short window to be a … Read more

Xbox Game Pass Gets Some Steam Heavy Hitters In September ’22

Image: Iron Gate AB The latest batch of new releases and ports is on its way to Xbox Game Pass and there’s a ton of really cool stuff. While sci-fi shooter deadly loop finally joins the console service after a year of PS5 exclusivity, the great success of the Viking simulator of 2021, Valheim, is … Read more

Australian farmers invest in robots, autonomous vehicles to combat worker shortage

Robots are used to commercially farm more than 405,000 hectares of Australian farmland, and growers see them as the answer to labor shortages. Key points: Robots can be programmed to cut and spray herbicides more efficiently Producers are seeing environmental and productivity benefits from investing in robots Jobs are expected to be created in supporting … Read more