Apple and Tesla are the ‘last bastions of hope’ for retail investors, say these analysts

Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc. are the stocks to watch in the days ahead, as deeper losses for investor favorites could herald a retail capitulation. That’s according to analysts at Vanda Research, who made their case in a note Wednesday as the iPhone maker battled a selloff. “Sentiment and hard money data deteriorated further in … Read more

These are the assets investors are turning to for protection in the market’s latest rout

This year’s market volatility has left investors few places to hide, weighing on stocks and bonds. The fall has even affected other traditional haven assets such as gold. For those who adhere to a traditional portfolio structure of 60% stocks and 40% bonds, the year has been a painful one. The iShares Core Growth Allocation … Read more

Want a risk-free 4% return? How investors can buy a simple Treasury

The rise in short-term Treasury yields may make some investors think about adding the notes to their portfolio. The 2-year Treasury yield topped 3.9% on Friday, the highest level since 2007. Bond yields move inversely to their prices. The 2-year note sits at the point on the Treasury yield curve that is most sensitive to … Read more

Opinion: Big investors are favoring large-cap stocks for the rest of 2022 — maybe you should too

The institutional investors who dominate the stock market are increasingly favoring large-cap stocks as the year-end approaches, and so should you. The reason for their year-end large-cap bias can be traced back to the compensation incentives under which they operate. Many managers know that they will receive a year-end bonus if they finish the year … Read more

August industrial output, retail sales

August was marked by extremely high temperatures in parts of China, leading to temporary power rationing in some regions. In the photo on August 24, 2022, the skyline of the central city of Chongqing is seen with lights partially turned off to conserve energy during the heat wave. vcg | China Visual Group | fake … Read more

Apple is now the market’s most-shorted stock. If Tesla is an example, that’s bullish.

Apple shareholders need not worry that it will be the shortest US stock. I mean the report from short selling analytics company S3 Partners that, after 864 days in which Tesla TSLA, +0.38% was at the top of this list, Apple AAPL, -1.89% has acquired this dubious honor. As of September 14, a total of … Read more

Here are the investments sophisticated 401(k) participants are buying

While most 401(k) investors just set it and forget it when it comes to their retirement savings, there are some who take the extra step of choosing their own investments. They participate in what is known as a self-directed brokerage account, which is part of their employer-sponsored plan. These brokerage windows offer a broader selection … Read more

Opinion: There’s hardly any good news in the stock market and plenty of reasons for prices to fall further

I tried to start this article with, “The good news is…”, and then struggled to think of any good news for investors. Perhaps the fact that it’s hard to think of a silver lining after a day like Tuesday, when the Nasdaq COMP, +0.74% plummeted more than 5%, is the good news. However, let’s think … Read more

Market rout casts cloud over biggest IPO of the year as at least two deals are pulled during brutal selloff

At least two initial public offerings were withdrawn during Tuesday’s brutal stock market crash, overshadowing what is expected to be the biggest deal of the year, the $1.8 billion offering from AIG’s life insurer Corebridge Financial Inc. Israel’s technology-focused special purpose acquisition corporation, Keter1 Acquisition, withdrew its plans for a $250 million initial public offering … Read more

Why a single U.S. inflation report roiled global financial markets — and what comes next

It was the only report to be heard worldwide, shaking the confidence of traders and investors on three continents. Stocks were sold off in Asia and Europe on Wednesday, a day after the US consumer price index report for August triggered the worst day for the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.10%, S&P 500SPX, +0.34% … Read more