Random: Wii Music Walked So ‘Trombone Champ’ Could Run, And We Need A Switch Port

subscribe to nintendo life in Youtube If you’re unlucky enough not to have been on Twitter in the last 24 hours (we don’t necessarily blame you), then you’ve probably missed the meteoric rise of Trombone Championand with its Mii-style visuals, it made us feel a bit reminiscent. East Guitar HeroThe game inspired by Holy Wow … Read more

Random: Bored Splatoon 3 Players Are Recreating Pong And Screensavers In The Lobby

Image: Nintendo At Nintendo Life, we’re big fans of Splatoon 3 — as if you couldn’t tell anymore our glowing review – and while lobby wait times can drag on a bit, being able to ink your surroundings and scroll is better than staring at a board while fiddling with your thumbs. An update is … Read more

Random: Masahiro Sakurai Was The First To Praise Resident Evil 4’s Camera System

Image: Nintendo Life Resident Evil 4 is, by all accounts, one of the most influential and critically acclaimed games of all time. Released for the GameCube in 2004 (before coming to what seemed like every console in existence), the soft reboot of Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise went through several failed iterations before landing on the … Read more

Random: Minecraft’s Steve Gets His Beard Back, Confirming It Was Never A Smile

Image: Microsoft For the first time in over a decade, Mojang has updated MinecraftSteve and Alex’s character appearances, and we’re pleased to see a certain furry-chinned friend make his long-awaited return. As noted in Reddit (Thank you eurogamer), updated character models now have certain 3D elements on their base block: rolled up sleeves! flowing hair! … Read more

Random: Vintage Nintendo Playing Card Opening Ends In Disaster For Collector

Image: Nintendo/Nintendo Life We’ve covered a lot of Nintendo history here at NL, and not just the video game side. At this point, it’s pretty well known that before Nintendo jumped into gaming, it was known for producing handmade hanafuda playing cards. And if you’re a die-hard Nintendo collector, you’ll probably want to get your … Read more

Random: Splatoon 3’s Shiver Appears To Be Nintendo’s First Major Non-Binary Character

Image: Nintendo the splatoon The series is widely considered among fans to be one of the best franchises in Nintendo’s lineup, showcasing style and modern sensibilities that other IPs in their catalog haven’t even touched. With Splatoon 3However, it seems that Nintendo may have taken a bigger step in the direction of diversity and representation. … Read more

Random: Kirby’s Voice Actor Surprises At Anniversary Concert, And Everyone Loves Her

Image: Nintendo/Nintendo Life Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival Yesterday gave us plenty of surprises in addition to some top notch performances of Kirby’s amazing music, but one of the most “wow” moments of the concert came from a certain guest appearance: Kirby’s voice actor. Yes, Kirby really does have a voice; He is not just … Read more