Start-up success: The Philippines emerges | startup, unicorn, web3, philippines, growsari, sarisari, raymund rollan, wavemaker, kkr, minette navarrete, kickstart ventures, gojek

Six years ago, when Raymund “ER” Rollan and his founding team started GrowSari, many investors and fellow startup companies joked about the “Philippines discount.” Despite this outdated misperception combined with a startup ecosystem that was not well established and a host of other challenges, the team steadfastly persisted and founded their company in Manila in … Read more

Tech update: Clock ticking for Canada’s EV battery industry

As extreme weather fueled by climate change continues to wreak havoc, experts stress the need to move away from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs), they say, will contribute significantly to the reduction of global greenhouse gases. A new report of two Canadian research groups say we have a short window to be a … Read more

What’s going on in the highly valued market linkage agritech startups in India?

Earlier in 2021, in the book Shifting Orbits, in the chapter on agtech, I wrote the following: “There is general optimism both globally and nationally regarding the prospects for agtech that has resulted in valuations outperforming fundamentals. commercial. Large peripheral emerging companies with very low margins remain vulnerable in the medium term, both from a … Read more

Here Are 4 Tips For Scaling Your Startup During a Downturn

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur taxpayers own. The message was written on a tombstone: “RIP Good Times.” Dilok Klaisataporn | fake images I launched my first company during the great recession. AppDynamics had ten employees and a product deployment problem with Netflixour second client, when capital of the redwoods released its now famous RIP memo in … Read more

Venture Capital fund: Sebi seeks details on startup valuation from PE, VC funds

Mumbai: The capital market regulator is taking a close look at how private equity (PE) houses and venture capital funds (VCFs) value startups and the unicorns they fund. A boosted valuation paints a rosy picture of the portfolio to a fund’s investors and paves the way for the fund manager to attract more money from … Read more

Ideas are taking centrestage in India’s booming startup ecosystem

I’m going to build the McDonald’s of India!” The business bug bit Eshwar K. Vikas fresh out of college. He started Mukunda, a restaurant serving idli and dosa in a shopping mall in Chennai, borrowing from his parents and friends to rent the space and establishing a self-service model with large screens and LED lighting. … Read more

5 reasons why the hottest health startups and the investors who covet them are attending HLTH 2022

This article is part of a series sponsored by HLTH that provides a preview of the HLTH conference. As we approach Year 5 of HLTH, November 13-16 in Las Vegas, it is more important than ever to bring the investor and startup community together in a way that drives meaningful conversations and creates opportunities for … Read more

The Power Of CPG Brings A Steady ROI To VC Funds

Jen Zesut, co-founder of Goodles, a Springdale Ventures portfolio company. Springdale Businesses Narrowly 70% of the US economy it is driven by consumer spending. However, venture capital investment is primarily focused on technology. Some, like Springdale Ventures, see an opportunity in early-stage financing in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space. The venture capital firm invests … Read more

‘Pakistan’s startup ecosystem needs a few $100mn exits’ – Technology

Pakistani startups saw a fundraising record year in 2021. The momentum was transferred in 2022 as well, but it came along with announcements of layoffs and closures. Commentators were quick to dismiss the Pakistani companies, but many also believe the contrasting developments are normal for an economy still discovering its footing. The founder of 3 … Read more