Entrepreneur Anna Mowbray invests in ambitious healthcare start-up

Steven Zinsli, founder of health technology startup Health Now, and investor Anna Mowbray. Photo / Supplied New Zealand businesswoman Anna Mowbray invested in a healthcare startup in hopes of making healthcare more accessible. Auckland-based Health Now allows consumers to split payment for doctors, dentists and other health services up to 12 weeks as part of … Read more

Advanced Drainage (WMS) Looks Promising: Invest in the Stock – September 27, 2022

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (WMS Quick QuoteWMS – Free Report) is gaining traction thanks to strong contributions from Allied Products, Infiltrator and the residential end markets. In addition, the installation of new production equipment has been added to the positive aspects. Shares of this leading provider of innovative water management solutions in the stormwater and … Read more

6 EV Stocks To Watch: What You Need To Know Before Investing

vzphotos/Getty Images In early 2022, as gasoline prices rose, so did electric vehicle registrations. New electric vehicle registrations totaled 158,689, or 4.7% of all new car registrations in the US, according to Experian data reported by Automotive News. What are the good electric vehicle companies to invest in? This growth is promising for those looking … Read more

Explained: Taxation on the sale of immovable property in India by non-residents

Owning and maintaining real property (land or building or both) in India can put a hole in a person’s pocket, especially if he lives outside of India and does not use the property as a residence or generate any rental income. With no plans to return to India in the foreseeable future, the idea of … Read more

ONE Gas (OGS) to Gain From Solid Investment Amid Competition – September 23, 2022

ONE Gas Inc. (OGS Quick QuoteOGS – Free Report) has benefited from regulated earnings and increased demand from residential customers. New rates, dividend increases and systematic capital expenditures will continue to boost its performance. However, a rise in the price of natural gas or a fall in the price of electricity or other energy products … Read more

The Golden Era of Value Investing is Back – September 23, 2022

Does Warren Buffett feel deja vu in 2022? In the 1960s, growth stocks staged a huge rally, with 50 of the top growth companies in cutting-edge industries like technology and pharmaceuticals becoming so popular they were dubbed the “Nifty 50.” The Nifty 50 were considered “sure things,” leading to investors willing to pay up to … Read more

4 Gas Distribution Stocks to Watch in a Promising Industry – September 23, 2022

Natural gas production in the United States is likely to increase year-over-year in 2022 according to the latest report from the US Energy Information Administration (“EIA”) and continue to drive stocks in the gas distribution industry. Zacks utility. Distribution companies offer services to transport natural gas from the region of production to millions of consumers … Read more

5 Dividend Stocks with Strong Revisions Trends – September 19, 2022

Dividend stocks are generally attractive to investors seeking income. However, in today’s environment where everyone is watching their portfolio values ​​drop, it makes sense to look at stocks that actually do something. Anything. That’s what makes dividend stocks attractive today. But a couple of things should be remembered as we jump into these actions. First, … Read more

UGI Benefits From Investments Amid Higher Interest Rate Risk – September 19, 2022

RGU Corporation (Quick RGU QuoteRGU – Free Report) has benefited from systematic investments to modernize and replace aging infrastructure. Strategic acquisitions that increase profits, efficient debt management and expansion of its customer base are likely to boost its long-term performance. However, its exposure to higher interest rate risk remains a cause for concern. UGI currently … Read more

A Key Group is Being Left Out in the EV Food Chain

The US government and automakers seem to agree on transforming the country’s car culture from one based on an internal combustion engine to one based on battery-powered electric vehicles. Both sides seem to understand that such a big change will require tens of billions of dollars in investment before consumers migrate to electric vehicles en … Read more