Urgent warning to all Westpac and Commonwealth Bank mortgage-holders

Urgent warning to all Australian mortgage holders as economists warn of one last huge interest rate hike ahead Australians have been warned that one last “oversized” interest rate hike is coming Since May, the RBA has pushed interest rates to an all-time high of 2.35 percent. Interest rates will impact consumer spending as the global … Read more

Thousands face £10k mortgage blow in London

T Thousands of Londoners have been warned they are facing a major mortgage ‘shock’ with some paying an extra £10,000 a year as the Bank of England raises interest rates to tackle runaway inflation and restore confidence in the British economy. The warning came as Prime Minister Liz Truss and Foreign Minister Kwasi Kwarteng held … Read more

Digital Finance Analytics model predicts Australian house prices could plunge by 44 per cent

House prices in Australia could fall as much as 44 percent if the Reserve Bank keeps raising interest rates to tackle the worst inflation in more than three decades, a new model shows. Economic research firm Digital Finance Analytics has modeled best and worst case scenarios for property prices as Australia’s inflation rate rises to … Read more

House prices could fall by 20% by if recession sparked by Bidenflation ravages the economy

Record U.S. house prices could collapse by as much as 20 percent over the next year if a Joe Biden inflation-triggered recession takes hold, a top Wall Street economist has warned. Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, noted that house prices have already fallen about five percent from their peak in May and will … Read more

How to sell your home in 2023: Ten top tips

Concerns about energy prices, double-digit inflation, strikes, war and a new government – ​​there is a lot going on right now and it is all starting to undermine the confidence of sellers and buyers. The market remains strong, with Halifax this month reporting house prices 11.5 per cent higher than a year ago, with the … Read more

Inflation Effects Set to Kneecap Retailers’ 2022 Holiday Outlook, and Beyond

Inflation Effects Set in Patella Retailers’ Christmas Outlook for 2022 and Beyond getty What a difference a year makes. Launch of consulting giant McKinsey & Co. the results of a consumer survey last fall that carried this bubbly headline: “Shoppers Feeling Worn Out and Outgoing.” McKinsey said that half of those who reported annual earnings … Read more

The Top Three Retail And E-commerce Trends Set To Shape 2023

E-commerce sales are down a lot, while shopping behaviors continue to change. for the drum Evolution of electronic commerce Deep Dive, the experts explain how space will evolve even further next year. The Covid-19 pandemic saw a huge spike in e-commerce growth, but since then a myriad of issues have created a historic drop in … Read more

Retail sales August 2022:

Retail sales figures were better than expected in August as price increases in a multitude of sectors offset a sizable drop in gas station receipts, the Census Bureau reported Thursday. Advantage retail sales of the month it rose 0.3% from July, better than the unchanged Dow Jones estimate. The total is unadjusted for inflation, which … Read more

Can the stock market fall to June 2022 levels? A to-do list for smart investors

The trigger was the high inflation rate of 8.3% for August 2022. Although the general inflation rate in the US seems to have peaked, the Investors still worried about inflation and its effects. Core inflation, that is, inflation without fuel and food prices, has remained stubbornly high. This is the number the US Federal Reserve … Read more

GBP/USD retreats towards 1.1500 as UK politics, Brexit test buyers, focus on US Retail Sales

GBP/USD fades previous day’s corrective bounce from weekly low, takes bids of late. Deadline to trigger Article 16, uncertainty over UK power bill assistant trial buyers. Easy inflation in the US, Britain failed to impress bears the day before. US retail sales, talks on Fed’s next move will be important for further momentum. GBP/USD remains … Read more