The fundamental reason house prices will fall this fall

The prices that people expect tomorrow influence today’s demand and supply. Economists say that “fundamental” economic factors, such as interest rates and family income, determine home prices. For some unknown reason, economists don’t consider people’s expectations of future house prices to be a major factor in determining current house prices, but they should. Economists have … Read more

Australian real estate: Goldman Sachs forecast properties to drop by 18% by end of 2023

A global bank has warned that Australia’s property market is poised for a much bigger downturn than in other parts of the world as fears of a global recession mount. Unlike the last global recession in 2008, Australia’s real estate sector is expected to take a bigger hit, while the US will emerge largely unscathed. … Read more

Speedy escape from housing market slump unlikely: ARMs tied amid low rate lock-up

Home sales, construction volumes and now even home prices in many markets (the last shoe to drop in a housing correction) are falling. Clearly, the fact that mortgage rates have soared from a low of 2.6% in December 2020 to six percent in early September is holding many would-be homebuyers in the grips. The last … Read more