AI-based vehicles paving way for software engineers to build a career in the auto industry

Connected vehicle technology, ADAS, telematics and autonomous vehicles is all that sums up the automotive industry in the current age and time. And these rapid technological disruptions are highly dependent on softwares like cloud computing, AI, ML, etc., which have literally turned the vehicle into what we call a ‘computer on wheels’. And that is … Read more

View: India is where climate tech meets global venture capital

One of the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases is trying to clean up. Global venture capitalists looking to put their money to work should keep an eye on it. Drive through the streets of New Delhi and its surroundings and you will see that the Indian capital is bustling with activity. Rusty metal signs … Read more

South Korea to invest 95 trillion won in automobile industry over next 5 years

ANI | Updated: September 29, 2022 17:03 IST seoul [South Korea]September 29 (ANI): The South Korean government has announced a series of strategies for its auto industry, including private investment worth more than 95 billion in the country’s auto industry over the next five years.Using this, the government plans to produce 3.3 million electric vehicles … Read more

Tech update: Clock ticking for Canada’s EV battery industry

As extreme weather fueled by climate change continues to wreak havoc, experts stress the need to move away from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs), they say, will contribute significantly to the reduction of global greenhouse gases. A new report of two Canadian research groups say we have a short window to be a … Read more

A Key Group is Being Left Out in the EV Food Chain

The US government and automakers seem to agree on transforming the country’s car culture from one based on an internal combustion engine to one based on battery-powered electric vehicles. Both sides seem to understand that such a big change will require tens of billions of dollars in investment before consumers migrate to electric vehicles en … Read more

The Most Expensive SUV in the World Hits the Market

The future of the automobile industry lies in electric vehicles seems to be the new mantra. If a car manufacturer has enthusiastic and passionate fans; Whether a company is niche or targeting the wealthy, speed-loving or off-roaders, automakers need to have electric models in their portfolio to survive. The past of a firm as glorious … Read more

Ford outlines EV investment structure for its dealers as it chases Tesla-like profit

Ford CEO Jim Farley poses next to a model of the new Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan on April 26, 2022. Rebecca Cook | Reuters LAS VEGAS – Ford Motor is asking its nearly 3,000 dealers to invest more than $1 million in upgrades to … Read more

Investors stay bullish on Indian EV market

“India is a price sensitive market. Therefore, there may be an impact on sales of electric two-wheelers due to the withdrawal of subsidies. But eventually, the industry will learn to live without incentives, and to that extent the long-term EV story remains intact,” said Arpit Agarwal, director of Blume Ventures. ElectricPe and BatterySmart. Last month, … Read more

Tube Investments hits record high, up 22% in six trading sessions

Tube Investments of India soared to a new high of Rs 2,755 in intraday trading on the BSE on Friday on optimism about future growth prospects. The stock is up nearly 22 percent in the past six consecutive trading sessions, while the NSE Nifty is up 2.2 percent over the same period. So far in … Read more

New car sales rebound as electric vehicle purchases hit record high, says Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries data. But delivery delays are far from over

New vehicle sales have rebounded nearly 20 percent from last year and electric vehicles have sold at their highest levels. These are two takeaways from the latest new vehicle sales figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI). Taken at face value, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a sign that supply bottlenecks … Read more