Apple and Tesla are the ‘last bastions of hope’ for retail investors, say these analysts

Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc. are the stocks to watch in the days ahead, as deeper losses for investor favorites could herald a retail capitulation. That’s according to analysts at Vanda Research, who made their case in a note Wednesday as the iPhone maker battled a selloff. “Sentiment and hard money data deteriorated further in … Read more

GE HealthCare’s Spinoff Is Coming. Here’s the Challenge for the Stock.

Every action needs a home. That’s a truism on Wall Street and an idea that could create some problems for a large health care company that everyone knows about but no one owns. That’s GE HealthCare, which needs to raise its profile among investors to make sure it’s welcome before its cleave of General Energy … Read more

Cheniere CFO Aims for Investment-Grade Credit Rating as Natural-Gas Prices Soar

Cheniere Energy Inc.’s CFO is working toward an investment-grade credit rating next year as the largest US liquefied natural gas exporter pays off its debt and benefits from rising prices of energy. Houston-based Cheniere this year expanded capacity with a new production line completed ahead of schedule, while also managing to ramp up production at … Read more

The retail slump could end soon, and there are four ‘turnaround’ stocks JPMorgan says you will want as it does

As department stores and clothing retailers struggle with a tough economy and changing consumer tastes, analysts at JP Morgan are “cautiously optimistic” that the problems in the sector will be resolved next year, although that sentiment is not universal. This year, many retailers have been stuck with clothes, TVs and other appliances they couldn’t sell, … Read more

Opinion: Big investors are favoring large-cap stocks for the rest of 2022 — maybe you should too

The institutional investors who dominate the stock market are increasingly favoring large-cap stocks as the year-end approaches, and so should you. The reason for their year-end large-cap bias can be traced back to the compensation incentives under which they operate. Many managers know that they will receive a year-end bonus if they finish the year … Read more

The retail trader army doesn’t understand dark pools

Jeffrey O’Connor is a Senior Execution Consultant and Market Insight Analyst for US Stocks at Liquidnet The recent surge in retail trade is important for the vitality of the capital markets and the price formation process. However, the market structure that underpins the elements of stock trading has also come under severe criticism from these … Read more

Bitcoin’s a market ‘tumor’ thanks to Fed’s easy money, says ‘Black Swan’ author

“‘Bitcoin, I call it a tumor. Real estate is another tumor. People have the notion that the markets should behave the way they think they should behave. When you look at the markets, they oscillate between being overvalued and undervalued.’” —Nassim Taleb Investors may appreciate easy money monetary policy for the boost it has provided … Read more

Apple is now the market’s most-shorted stock. If Tesla is an example, that’s bullish.

Apple shareholders need not worry that it will be the shortest US stock. I mean the report from short selling analytics company S3 Partners that, after 864 days in which Tesla TSLA, +0.38% was at the top of this list, Apple AAPL, -1.89% has acquired this dubious honor. As of September 14, a total of … Read more

A punishing selloff in short-term debt is pushing one rate near the ‘magic’ level that ‘frightens’ markets

The yield on the 1-year Treasury note is testing 4%, a level that traders say could spill over into other rates and send shivers down the financial markets as the Federal Reserve presses ahead with its campaign to lower its balance of 8.8 billion dollars. . That balancing process, known as “quantitative tightening,” is meant … Read more

Luxury Brands Spend More on Marketing, Defying Economic Uncertainty

Many luxury goods sellers don’t feel the same pressure to cut marketing budgets that has plagued other categories in recent months, thanks to a booming market for Luxury cars, Travel packages and other premium products. Luxury brands are benefiting from the pandemic-era growth in the net worth of the wealthiest consumers, coupled with the rise … Read more