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Spacee further expands on Deming retail innovation, launches virtual walkthrough feature that lets retail managers see shelves, get real-time inventory data remotely

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  • The company’s new Deming shelf-mounted robots feature live video feeds.
  • Deming has been shown to help retailers improve supply chain efficiencies and reduce costs.

DUBAIUnited Arab Emirates, November 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spacee, which provides the best artificial intelligence and computer vision solutions that help companies generate new insights, improve efficiencies and increase revenue, launched a new version of its Deming shelf-mounted robots with capabilities live video streaming, allowing retail store managers to view shelves and get real-time inventory snapshots remotely.

skip howardfounder and CEO of Spacee, said: “There is a huge gap between the data that retailers can collect in their e-commerce operations and what they can get from physical stores. Spacee helps fill that gap with critical in-store customers. and the supply chain. data. Our latest Deming robots now take it to the next level with live and recorded video feeds.”

Spacee’s unobtrusive Deming robots walk the shelves capturing inventory data. While it can take staff several days to manually capture inventory and a full day for a floor robot, Deming can provide an accurate inventory accounting for an entire facility in less than a minute. The Deming installation requires only one tool and approximately 30 minutes per aisle.

Halim El RoumiSpacee’s regional director, said: “The UAE is fertile ground for innovation, helping lift virtually every industry. Deming has been shown to improve supply chain efficiencies, reduce stock-outs and waste, and lowers costs, elevating retail businesses in the UAE and GCC. We look forward to continually empowering the region and bringing the best in AI innovations to serve consumers and users.”

Deming provides critical inventory data for retailers collecting e-commerce orders from stores. Deming is the only retail inventory measurement solution that provides accurate data in near real time and creates a video walkthrough that managers can view from anywhere. Retailers can use Deming for video tutorials alone or add additional capabilities like inventory tracking.

To learn more about Spacee’s Deming, visit https://www.spacee.com/products/deming. To schedule a demo, please email [email protected].

About Space:

Spacee pioneered the use of computer vision in retail and now offers the best computer vision and artificial intelligence solutions that help retailers and consumer brands create engaging in-store experiences and improve efficiencies. Spacee’s in-store interactive displays are proven to drive sales without increasing labor costs, and its hidden mini-robots collect near real-time inventory data needed to reduce stockouts and improve chain efficiencies. of supply. The company works with major retail, automotive, hospitality and entertainment brands, including Morrison’s, Mercedes Benz and Audi. Learn more at spacee.com.

Spacee’s first two solutions are HoverTouch, an interactive guest experience for product discovery, and Deming, a mini-robot supply chain solution for accurate, near real-time visibility into inventory levels. Both are based on machine vision and AI technology. HoverTouchSense has been shown to increase sales and basket sizes without the need for additional staff, while Deming ROVR captures data on inventory levels using unobtrusive robots mounted on hidden rails to move around shelves, capturing data on inventory levels. Inventory. While it can take several days for store staff to manually capture inventory (with only 40% accuracy) and a full day for a floor robot (with 60% accuracy), Deming can provide inventory accounting 100% accurate of an entire store in less than a minute. minute. Deming ROVR installation requires only one tool and around 30 minutes per aisle.

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