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Saints Retail Operations Shutting Down – Southampton News

by Ozva Admin

Saints retail operations shutdown
Monday, November 21, 2022 8:06 PM

Southampton FC have announced that their retail operation will be shutting down for a short though unspecified period of time due to issues with an external third party, read on for more details.

The Saints have announced on their official website the need to close both online operations and their retail stores, due to ongoing issues with Elite Sports Group, the external third party that manages the retail aspect of not only Southampton FC, but also several from other clubs.

Although this is said not to be a long-term problem, it does mean that all merchandise sales will cease for a short period.

A look online shows that Elite Sports Group is “the exclusive brand partner of Danish football brand Hummel. We activate bespoke kit programs for all of our clubs and also manage some of our clubs’ online and retail operations.”

They also seem to provide other products for the clubs that are not related to the brand’s game kit and training equipment.

This seems to suggest that the problem for the Saints will be stock, although they will have a supply of merchandise, how much stock they have and indeed who owns the stock could be open to debate, when it runs out it will take time to source new suppliers, etc., and that could mean missing out on the lucrative Christmas market.

The full statement reads as follows

“Recently, the club learned of the significant business and compliance challenges experienced by our third-party retail partner, Elite Sports Group, which manages the online and physical retail operation of several clubs, including ours.

We have been working with Elite Sports Group to fully understand what those challenges are and how we can minimize any disruption to our fans. However, following further developments today, we have made the difficult decision to end our association with them.

This decision allows us to continue with our contingency plan, but will unfortunately result in the unavoidable closure of our online and physical stores for a short period of time.

We will communicate further once we have confirmed the times for reopening our retail stores, and more information on how we can ensure existing orders are fulfilled. However, in the meantime, any fans who are concerned about existing orders can contact [email protected].

With Black Friday sales and the holiday shopping period approaching, we recognize the importance of this time of year for fans looking to purchase gifts and are doing everything we can to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. We thank all of our fans for being patient at this time and apologize for any inconvenience.”

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st mark1976 added 21:29 – Nov 21

SFC manages to get to a position where they can’t sell merchandise at the most lucrative time of the year for them. Absolutely pathetic. It makes me wonder if they really want to be a Premiership team.

A1079 added 23:00 – November 21

However they disguise this, this is a great own goal for the club. To get to a position where you can’t make your marketing and sales promotions available during possibly the most lucrative time of the year, when parents and families will be trying or intending to buy gifts for their children, grandchildren, etc. . unprofessional.

St nicolas added 09:05 – Nov 22

I think you’re being a bit too dramatic here, let’s be honest in simple terms, the club have done business with a reputable company who have suddenly been able to meet their obligations and therefore left them high and dry, it happens all time. A financially troubled company doesn’t tell you it’s in trouble before it’s too late and then you’re left high and dry both in terms of supplies and assets.

If you are a normal company, apart from the amount of money you owe, it’s usually not a problem, you just find a new provider, but for a football club it’s different, you get everything tailored, by the fact that you brand your brand. name and emblem of the club, there is no other company that can meet the demand for stock, you have to start from scratch.

Clearly the club didn’t realize the situation and made the decision to part ways with Elite Sports Group with five weeks to Christmas, allowing them to make a few things, the real issue is who has the stock of Hummell gear. , Hummell’s Elite Sports Group themselves.

Clearly those who simply blame the club for this do not understand the situation, in March the company published its earnings and was still making a profit despite the decline in turnover during the Covid pandemic, something happened in the last couple of months that It has led the club to terminate the contract, which could be several things.

At first glance ESG has been a trustworthy company and we are not the only club they deal with, maybe we will find out the exact details soon.

A1079 added 10:44 – Nov 22

You are right Nico. I don’t understand the situation, I don’t understand how the club or any football club manage their finances or contractual agreements etc. I don’t claim to know and probably never will unless I’m lucky enough to get a job within the club that would put me in a position to understand.

Everything I’m saying (perhaps not very eloquently) from a customer perspective is not a good look at what is arguably a key time of year to sell merchandise and it’s not like it’s the only problem they’ve had with promotion. or sale of merchandise. . Personally, I don’t care, as the last thing I bought at the store was a new scarf about 12 months ago.

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