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Rishi Sunak says he is registered with an NHS GP but has used private healthcare | Rishi Sunak

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Rishi Sunak says he is registered with an NHS GP but has used private healthcare | Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak has said he is now registered with an NHS GP, having previously used private healthcare, during a NHS state-dominated prime minister’s questions and strikes by health staff and ambulances.

I am registered in a National Health Service GP I have used independent healthcare in the past,” Sunak told Commons in response to a question from Labor MP Cat Smith about NHS dentistry. She also praised a hospital in her Yorkshire constituency “for the fantastic care they have given my family over the years.”

The prime minister and his officials had previously refused to say whether Sunak or his family used the NHS afterwards the guardian revealed he was registered with a private clinic in west London clinic that charges £250 for a consultation.

Responding to Smith’s question, Sunak did not say when he registered with the NHS GP, or if his family used private healthcare.

His exchanges with Keir Starmer focused entirely on health issues, with the Labor leader criticizing Sunak for the scale of the waiting lists, while the Prime Minister responded by speaking out about the government’s bill to limit strikes in the public sector. announced on tuesday.

“The PM says he is now registered with an NHS doctor so he will soon be enjoying the experience of waiting on hold every morning at 8am to get a GP appointment,” said Starmer, who also criticized Sunak for the strikes.

“In the 13 years of the last Labor government, there were no national NHS strikes,” Starmer said.

“If the prime minister had negotiated with the nurses before Christmas, they would not be on strike. If he negotiated with the ambulance workers, they wouldn’t be on strike either. So why does he choose to prolong the misery instead of ending the strike?

Sunak responded that he was seeking “constructive dialogue with the unions” and accused Starmer of siding “with his union’s payers, not with the patients” for opposing the bill to impose minimum strike service levels on the NHS and other public services.

The government was trying to “legislate their way out of 13 years of failure,” Starmer responded, telling Sunak: “They went from applauding nurses to firing nurses. It’s that easy.”

During a series of questions from Starmer about waiting lists, Sunak tried to change the subject or say this was due to Covid. The ultimate goal, the prime minister said, was to prevent anyone from waiting more than a year for an NHS procedure.

Starmer responded: “So you can’t tell us how much or when you’ll reduce the waiting lists. So far the responsibility you want. As always with this prime minister, you scratch the surface and find that there is nothing there.

“He promises that one day, though he can’t say when, his record waiting lists will stop climbing. After 13 years in government, what do you say the best you can offer is that, at some point, they stop making things worse?

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