Shopify’s POS Go powers a new kind of retail

With POS Go, we’re providing retailers of any size with innovative hardware to deliver new shopping experiences and meet consumers wherever they are, and however they want to shop.

  • Retail is back: In the first half of 2022, sales made by merchants using Shopify Point of Sale grew by almost 60%
  • With POS Go, merchants can close the sale anywhere, while viewing detailed product information, customer notes and purchase history to enhance the in-store experience.
  • Shopify is the commerce platform, and it gives merchants a unified view of their business so they can see sales, analytics, and inventory in POS Go from all channels.

Trading is happening all around us: online, offline and everywhere. As the commerce platform for millions of merchants around the world, Shopify makes it possible to sell anywhere, including physical stores. That’s why we’re excited to drive the growth of offline retail: In the first half of 2022, sales made by merchants using Shopify POS grew by nearly 60%.

Today, we’re launching our latest retail hardware that gives merchants of any size the flexibility to offer a new kind of in-person shopping: Introducing POS Go.

The world’s most innovative brands build their businesses on Shopify, and with POS Go we’re giving them powerful new hardware to deliver world-class IRL shopping experiences. POS Go enables merchants to meet consumers wherever they are and however they want to shop, from the counter to the curb. By using POS Go, merchants can:

  • Close the sale anywhere
    • A built-in barcode scanner allows merchants to start paying anywhere in the store. Through Shopify POS, retailers can view detailed product information, customer notes, and purchase history to enhance the in-store experience. Merchants can also build in-store carts and email them to customers to fill out later.
  • Take payments with confidence
    • Merchants can accept touch, swipe and chip cards through a fully integrated, built-in card reader. Wi-Fi and Shopify Payments keep every transaction seamless and secure.
  • Stay on top of your business everywhere
    • Because Shopify gives merchants a unified view of their business, they can see sales, analytics, and inventory in POS Go from all channels. If they make an update in the Shopify admin, everything automatically syncs across your business.

“Retail is rapidly evolving and retailers need flexible solutions to help them succeed. More than ever, traditional retailers need technology that keeps them agile,” said Arpan Podduturi, vice president of products at Shopify. “With POS Go, we are empowering our merchants to deliver differentiated, world-class in-store experiences. Offline retail is back, and we’re investing heavily in hardware that fits the fastest growing and most innovative retailers in the world.”

“Retail has come back in a big way over the past year. And with it, we’ve been grounded in much of our direction and thinking for Neighborhood Goods over the years,” said Matt Alexander, co-founder and CEO of neighborhood assets. “A key aspect of that has been our decision to build our business on Shopify, which has been the perfect platform for a rapidly changing landscape. And now, with the launch of POS Go, we’re excited to help test their newest hardware.” ., which has given us the flexibility to provide the best possible experience for our customers.Whether we are meeting curbside for pickup, ordering online, or shopping in our stores, POS Go helps us deliver a unique experience and we are excited to move forward as we grow.”

POS Go is available for pre-order now in the US Learn more about POS Go here.

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