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Amidst the growing trend of consumers seeking out collagen supplements, the emerging brand Your good health with. has launched its new collection of consumable collagen with its Your beauty range that has secured its first listing on the national health and beauty provider, Superdrug.

With the cost of living rising, the company acknowledged that consumers are struggling to keep up with expensive health and beauty routines as supplements are often considered non-essential or out of reach, something the company wants to change. .

The global collagen market is expected to reach $897.5 million by 2023 and beauty from the inside out is currently booming with around 9,900 UK Google searches for the term ‘collagen’ each month. Seeking to harness the potential of this growing market and address the demand for affordable health, Your Good Health Co. aims to establish collagen in the UK as a go-to ingredient in our daily health routines to help us lead better lifestyles.

Ross Carlin, founder of Your Good Health Co., said: “The brand is designed to focus on five key pillars of health: exercise, diet and hydration, mental health, sleep and confidence.

“First, we decided to focus on ‘confidence’ with our Your Beauty range, after sensing the desired increase in appetite for a variety of affordable products that would change the way people perceive ‘expensive’ and aspirational wellness items, such as collagen supplements and nutricosmetics. .

“Making collagen a lifestyle choice is really important to us and there is certainly an education that we need to impart, as after the age of 20 we lose one percent of collagen in our skin each year, which means that at age 45, have lost 25% of the skin’s collagen. This results in reduced skin elasticity, thinner skin, and wrinkles.

“We have designed a range that is made up of a 90-day plan, as this is the amount of time it takes for something to become an automatic habit in people’s lives, which means collagen needs to be taken consistently for about 3 months to really see the benefits.”

Your Good Health Co. stated that the cost of traditional collagen products often means that without seeing results after a month, the consumer tends to stop using it; that’s why they’ve produced one of the most affordable “inner beauty” products available on the market, without sacrificing quality.

The Your Beauty Collagen range will combine the power of bovine collagen with the benefits of vitamin C and biotin to help customers look and feel their best. It consists of various products including collagen powder, biotic skin supplements, and collagen capsules.

Ross said: “These days customers are looking for different consumption formats with the increasing demand for functional foods (foods infused with added vitamins), so the range includes a convenient beverage-based product that not only supports the hydration, but can also be used as a tasty beverage on its own or as an additive to other foods and beverages.”

The products are designed to include collagen and hyaluronic acid that support the appearance of healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Superdrug’s beauty category buyer said: “We wanted to find a collagen beauty range that would fit into our customers’ often busy routines and something that would enhance their everyday lives. It was important that this be affordable and accessible to everyone, especially in difficult times.”

Ross added: “We want to help people journey through life, feeling better through confidence and glowing skin, something that inevitably helps our mental and physical health as well.”

Your Good Health Co. was founded by the creators of The Good Food Group, a food consulting partner for emerging brands, and was developed by nutrition specialists to change the future of wellness, using scientifically-backed ingredients to create solutions for everyday needs. .

The brand is looking for up to 100 people to participate in a free trial, in exchange for documenting their progress. You can buy Your Good Health Co. products at Superdrug stores from September 7. Learn more about

Your beauty range:

  • Your Beauty Skin Biotics: RRP £12.99 (30 days)
  • Your Beauty Collagen Capsules: £14.99 (30 days)
  • Your Beauty Collagen Powder: £17.99 (30 days)

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