Lively guinea pig and giraffe toys flagged as ‘Christmas bestsellers’ | Retail industry

An interactive guinea pig that has babies and a disco giraffe that “shakes its butt” are predicted to be among the best-selling toys this year. Christmas as retailers strive for customization with toy ranges to suit “every budget”.

With the cost of living crisis The upcoming DreamToys list, put together by the Toy Retailers Association (TRA), features a selection of the cheapest toys this year, with eight of the top 12 coming for under £35. The cheapest item on the list is an £8 Squishmallow, a teddy It is expected to be a popular stocking filler.

Nearly £1 billion will be spent on toys between now and Christmas Eve. Paul Reader, chairman of the DreamToys selection committee, said the committee had paid attention to the challenging economic climate. “We know that many use the DreamToys list as a guide when it comes to making purchasing decisions and we believe we have selected the best toys to delight children this Christmas that suit different budgets.”

At the priciest end of the list is the £65 Mama Surprise guinea pig. Careful grooming makes her heart light up and is a sign that a baby is on the way. The puppies arrive behind the closed doors of the hutch (luckily they fall from the roof) and in “normal” mode they arrive for two days. For shorter attention spans, in “fast” mode they drop every 10 minutes.

Squishmallows at the DreamToys event in London. Photograph: Jill Mead/The Guardian

The list features perennial names like Lego, Barbie and Pokemon, as well as new fashion properties like the fast-growing diverse doll brand Rainbow High. The Rainbow High dolls have their own YouTube series and the latest set of six characters includes two dolls with visible differences: vitiligo and albinism.

With a bob to rival Beyoncé, the £28 GiGi Dancing Giraffe is also expected to appear on many Christmas lists. Her springy yellow hair adds a dimension of sensory play, but the novelty of her three-song setup can quickly irritate the adults in the room.

While in 2021 toy retailers were battling the pandemic supply chain problems, what late deliveries Ahead of the key trading period, this year’s pressures relate to higher input costs pushing up prices and consumer spending impacted by higher food, energy and housing costs.

The reader said that world shortage of computer chips it meant there weren’t as many “tech” toys this year. But while people may be cutting back in other areas, toy sales are still up 9%, although this figure also reflects price increases.

The reader predicted that shoppers would be smart and look for deals like Black Friday discounts in the coming weeks. They would also try to stretch budgets by buying a lot of little things.

“The choice of toys is phenomenal and there is something to fit everyone’s budget,” he said. “I think people will buy a lot more small things instead of one big gift. When it comes to children up to 10 years old, there are many options. Kids older people tend to want more technology, which means more ticket purchases, and peer pressure on them will be harder.”

The TRA produces a top 12 as well as a longer list as a buying guide for buyers. Last year the average price on their long list was £35, but this year it’s down to £28. The average price of toys in the entire market is £13.

DreamToys Top 12 for Christmas

  • Barbie Cutie Reveals Doll £33

  • Gabby’s Perfect Dollhouse 80 pounds sterling

  • goo jit zu figurine £11

  • GiGi the giraffe 28€

  • Surprise Mom £65

  • Magic Mixies Magic Castle Mixes £30

  • Paw Patrol Big Truck Pups Vehicle £18

  • Pokemon Trainer elite set €42.50

  • tall rainbow fashion doll €32

  • sink and sand game £20

  • Original 7.5-inch marshmallows £8

  • Lego Star Wars Hoth AT-ST £45

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