Inclusive Technology in Retail by PSFK Research

East buyer education and assistance guide is a report on adaptive and inclusive technology for retailers and the brand manufacturers that make the products sold in stores.

Executive Summary

While you’re caught up in the rush to react to fast-paced and changing retail environments, it’s easy to miss out on addressing the needs of people with disabilities. In fact, the cohort already feels helpless and overlooked when it comes to accessible experiences, especially when purchasing products and services.

However, increased awareness of the spectrum of human needs, including people with motor disabilities, neurodiverse consumers, and those with hearing, speech, or visual impairments, has put a new focus on accessibility design and inclusive technology, reshaping the how brands and retailers invest their effort to provide accessible technology: not just to check a box, but to fully engage and empower a hugely excluded part of our community.

Report Overview

As the demand for inclusive and accessible design increases, brands recognize the need to consider the full range of human diversity. In this report, PSFK researchers explore how brands are leveraging inclusive in-store technology to empower consumers with greater accessibility. Supported by best-in-class examples of innovation, learn about the different market strategies and technologies employed by brands.

What you will learn from this report

This report on inclusive and adaptive technology will help the reader understand how companies optimize their spaces with assistive technologies, addressing the diverse needs of people with disabilities:

  • How companies are adapting in the long term. value-aligned goals to develop inclusive and accessible in-store experiences
  • What are the latest retail innovations in in-store assistive technologies?
  • How retailers can remove potential buying barriers for consumers with disabilities
  • How brands can harness inclusive technology to deliver great customer experiences for people
  • How companies are avoiding technology bias to win future customers with inclusion, fairness and accessibility
  • How mobile technology leverages speech recognition, learning preferences, and accessible learning systems
  • A list of technology industry providers that provide inclusive technology for greater
  • An interview with accessibility experts at the leading digital advertising and marketing services company Media.Monks

Who prepared this report

This retail industry trends research paper has been developed by the same researchers and analysts who help the world’s top companies (including Nike, Google, and Samsung) understand the key drivers and trigger powerful trends. PSFK researchers help companies including Nike, Google and Samsung with their industry leadership market research platform and to the extent trend research and innovation consulting.

Posted in October 2022

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