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Irish vaping brand Ecirette is poised to transform its business operations with Brightpearl’s innovative Retail Operating System (ROS).

By opting for Brightpearl, the online vape store has gained full access to a powerful automation engineindustry leader Premium Inventory Planner and world-class library of Plug&Play Integrations. With Brightpearl as their central source of information, the Ecirette team will also gain real-time, integrated performance information across their business, which means more accurate data and advanced reporting functionality.

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Since its launch in 2009, ecirette has experienced phenomenal success, growing from one of the first online vape shops to one of Ireland’s leading e-cigarette brands. The merchant sells its range of vaping products direct to consumer, as well as wholesale through its Shopify-powered website, and from numerous physical retail stores based in Dublin and beyond.

After expanding into a larger distribution center, Ecirette was able to expand its product range and improve its customer service across all channels, although its operating framework came under increased pressure due to increased order volume. Ecirette turned to Brightpearl to streamline and automate their manual processes and support their overall multi-channel expansion goals.

With Brightpearl as the central source of brand information, the team has access to real-time updates and 360-degree visibility across all departments and channels across the business, from sales to inventory to financial performance and more. Ecirette also gains access to Brightpearl’s powerful core features, including its automation engine, which greatly reduces manual tasks in inventory management, sorting out, Deposit, shipping and fulfillmentfreeing up staff to focus on growth and innovation.

Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner Premium will enable the leading e-cigarette brand to receive data-driven demand forecasting insights to optimize their stock levels and increase cash flow. As Ecirette moves toward multi-channel expansion, the brand will also benefit from Brightpearl’s slate of Plug&Play Integrations that seamlessly extend to popular third-party applications such as accounting software, fast booksshipping provider boat station and leading online marketplaces like Amazon either eBay. Brightpearl’s renowned ability to connect to Shopify means it can quickly sync up with Ecirette’s online web store.

Finally, with such progressive integration capabilities, the vaping brand can become truly hyperscalable, capable ofbuild a flexible technology stack that grows and changes as the business does.

“With growth came tedious logistical issues that hampered our efficiency, time management and ability to innovate,” said Alex Pescar Jr, director of sales and marketing for Ecirette. “Our move to Brightpearl has completely revolutionized the way we conduct our business, allowing us to be sure that all of our sales channels are running as efficiently as possible with Brightpearl at the forefront of managing our fulfillment workflows. ”.

Justin Press, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at pearlshininghe said, “A fast-growing e-commerce business shouldn’t feel constrained by broken, disconnected systems and time-consuming manual processes.

“Ecirette is a fast-growing company, and with Brightpearl they have adopted the right tools to fearlessly grow without the chaos that often comes with operational complexity. We’re not fuming when we say they made the right decision, and we can’t wait to see what Ecirette will achieve with Brightpearl.”

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