Clickatell Research Finds Opportunity for Retailers to Drive Commerce Experience via Mobile Messaging

Clickatell (, the leader in Chat Commerce and business messaging, announced the results of its latest Chat Commerce Trends Report: Retail Edition, revealing new findings about how today’s consumers prefer to communicate and shop with retailers through mobile messaging and chat conversations. The report, which received responses from over 1,000 participants, found that 95% of customers now make retail purchases on their smartphones and 78% of consumers want to use mobile messaging with retailers for convenience.

To better understand how consumers communicate with retail brands, new research from Clickatell found considerable interest in personalized and convenient commerce experiences through mobile messaging conversations. As global retailers head into the holiday season and shift their strategies to handle changing consumer shopping habits, brands are examining how rich mobile-first commerce experiences can help drive customer loyalty. the Chat Commerce Trends Report: Retail Edition found that 69% of participants would like to receive order updates via mobile messaging, 52% would like to use mobile messaging to track loyalty benefits or inquire about loyalty programs, and 47% would like to use mobile messaging phone to connect with a customer service agent. Younger generations have the most interest in using mobile messaging with a retail brand, specifically 92% of Gen Z and 95% of Millennials.

The report also highlights a unique opportunity to offer personalized offers and promotions through mobile channels, as consumers continue to be wary of high costs during the upcoming holiday season. In fact, 51% of consumers want to access special offers via mobile messaging and 81% of consumers are more likely to purchase an item promoted via an SMS link than via email . Brands have the opportunity to enable consumers to browse, shop, access personalized offers and track orders, all on their mobile devices through a value-rich, mobile-centric commerce experience.

Additional key findings include:

Younger generations are mobile first:

  • 77% of Millennials and Gen Z want to be able to track a delivery through personalized mobile messages
  • 86% of consumers are interested in a personalized experience with a retail company, especially millennials (92%) and Generation Z (90%).

Consumers are eager to track packages and orders:

  • 48% of consumers want to receive shipping and order updates via mobile messaging, outweighing the desire to receive personalized promotions (13%), information about a product (10%) or connect with a live agent (10 %).
  • Three-quarters (75%) of consumers want to track a delivery through a personalized mobile messaging link and 69% of consumers would like to receive order updates through mobile messaging channels.

High demand for loyalty programs and offers through mobile devices:

  • 51% of consumers want access to special offers through personalized mobile messages and 46% of consumers want to receive personalized promotions for things like last minute deals or alerts when new offers or products are available.
  • 52% of consumers would like the ability to track and redeem loyalty benefits or inquire about loyalty programs through mobile channels.

Mobile payment options are on the rise:

  • Consumers are more likely to enter credit card details (61%) or use PayPal (57%) to make a retail purchase on their smartphone. Apple Pay is also becoming more popular (23% prefer this method)
  • Majority of consumers (95%) make retail purchases on their smartphone
  • 27% would make a payment through a secure payment link

“The results indicate an opportunity for retailers to engage with consumers this holiday season through their preferred messaging channels, considering most consumers want to communicate with brands throughout the shopping lifecycle.” said Pieter de Villiers, CEO and co-founder of Clickatell. “For retail brands, the next wave of commerce is building relationships with consumers the same way they communicate with friends or family every day: on their mobile phones. At Clickatell, we are enabling retail brands to enhance and personalize customer engagement across mobile channels to create this rich retail experience.”

the full digital Chat Commerce Trends Report – Retail Edition is available here ( If you’re interested in learning more about how Clickatell is enabling some of the world’s largest retail brands to deliver personalized mobile messaging, please visit (

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