Baker Street announces NPD and distribution gains for Christmas 2022 – Retail Times

Baker Street is set to further expand the seasonal range that secured the brand its first major multiple listing at Christmas 2020.

The brand’s 2022 offering includes Baker Street Stollen Marzipan Bread, Stollen Marzipan Bites, Stollen Apple Bites, Stollen Cookies, Orange Chocolate Cake Truffles and the newest addition, Caramel Cake Truffles, as part of their selection inspired by the Christmas markets.

In 2021, sales of the expanded range increased by more than 30%. With further distribution secured through Tesco, Co-Op and ASDA stores for 2022, along with new distribution through the wholesale channel, the brand is set for another fruitful festive period.

Brand awareness has been bolstered by the rise of multiple top listings for its core and seasonal ranges, with a 14 per cent increase in brand awareness most recently read by consumers.

Chris McLaughlin, Commercial Director of St Pierre Groupe, which owns the Baker Street brand, explains: “Prior to launch in 2020, research showed that almost 50% of consumers buy Stollen over the Christmas period, so the opportunity was clear.

“While 53% buy Stollen to enjoy with friends or family at home, 30% buy it as a snack for themselves, and more than half (51%) say Stollen is perfect for an afternoon snack. We developed a range to cater for these occasions, with traditional and innovative Stollen Bites breads designed to snack or share.”

In the four weeks to Christmas, the cake category grows from £101m to £143m (42%). Stollen offers a quick win for retailers; growing out of nowhere in the nine months to October in a significant subcategory.

Adds McLaughlin: “Products that offer something new will always be popular and the Baker Street NPD is designed to help retailers capitalize on emerging consumer trends. The top three attributes shoppers look for in food and beverage gifts are quality (65%), authenticity (41%), and attractive packaging (39%), which we find very helpful. Each quality product is made to an authentic recipe and packaged with Baker Street’s prominent festive branding.”

Stollen is a Christmas menu staple; by 2020, one in six Britons planned to eat Stollen and the market had grown to £18m.

The appeal to retailers is twofold; Shoppers who already enjoy Stollen will enjoy trying a classic in a new bite format, while those who haven’t opted for the traditional German cake before may prefer it presented in a more familiar form, like Baker Street’s Stollen Cookie. .

McLaughlin continues: “There are flavors that are perennially popular during the festive season and this year Baker Street has added Caramel Cake Truffles to their range. As a new product on the shelf, it provides opportunities for retailers to take advantage of both the gift market and the snacking occasion thanks to its multi-pack format. Last year the Chocolate & Orange variety achieved strong sales and the new caramel flavor strikes the perfect balance between premium indulgence and affordable luxury.

“Baker Street caters to consumers looking for quality convenience and this Christmas will see shoppers navigate a cost of living crisis that will likely see more people than ever entertain at home. Baker Street’s seasonal selection offers a taste of Christmas markets at home and the entire range ticks the boxes for quality and authenticity; so whether it’s scooped up as a last-minute takeout for friends, left out as festive snacks for guests, or bought as an indulgent treat for solo snacking, Baker Street is always there, ready to be enjoyed. ”.

This year Baker Street’s seasonal range will be found on the shelves of selected ASDA, Tesco, SPAR, NISA and Co-Op stores. The range will be available from September 26, retailing at £3 per pack.

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