Attraction World and Prioticket team up to…

Attraction World is developing technology that will expand agents’ connection with their customers, giving them more opportunities to sell experiences beyond just booking vacations.

The attraction and experience ticket specialist is already working with Dutch software company Prioticket to offer trading partners a curated white-label website and bespoke connected API journey that can attract products relevant to their particular customer base. .

Attraction World CEO Olly Nicholls explained that the next iteration, due to launch in 2023, would revolutionize the sale of experiences and attractions at resorts, where agents still earn from the sale, a long-term issue that “needs be solved”.

“Where this technology will take us is that we can offer agent customers attractions and experiences at the destination. It means we’re extending the agent’s connection with their customer beyond the vacation booking for another 30 or 40 days until they’re on vacation, where they can sell more,” he said.

“It allows us and our partners to fully participate in upselling when their customers are away,” he added, explaining that 85% of all attraction bookings are made in-destination.

Nicholls explained that everything would be marked with the agents’ details. Customers will be sent suggestions for experiences to book; they will pay their agent; Attraction World will invoice the agent later and pay you your commission; the client will be sent a QR code to access a bonus for the experience that she has purchased; and the agent will be notified when that coupon has been redeemed.

Nicholls said: “What was needed was a company that would identify the problem and solve it. The problem was how to sell experiences at the destination. Basically, we’re giving agents the technology to be able to do it and the hiring power of the group behind them.”

Mahoney added: “We must not lose sight of the importance of selling some tickets at the time of booking. But if the customer isn’t ready to book experiences at that point, this adds a second bite to the icing.”

The technology can also be extended to airlines, cruise lines and OTAs.

Chief Operating Officer Justin Mahoney said: “Attraction World’s future growth is not through direct business but through travel trade; through our technology being able to solve problems for agents, airlines, tour operators and OTAs.

He said the next phase, to be implemented in 2024, would be for customers to receive a downloadable app after booking through the Attraction World portal or white-label sites.

“This will be marked with their agent details and when they are at a destination and go through an attraction or experience, the app will send them a notification, suggesting that they might want to visit it,” Mahoney said.

“Every piece of technology we build is to complement, not compete with agents. Everything we focus on now is 100% B2B.

Nicholls continued: “We have to fix this problem. Agents do not have the ability to book rides. And the attractions want to work only with a selection of partners, so this is a great opportunity.

“Experiences are the reason people travel. They don’t travel to sit on a plane or sleep in a room. They travel to have amazing memorable experiences and sadly across UK commerce for a number of years the attention to detail to be able to better sell these experiences hasn’t existed but that is about to change.”

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