What are the major trends in the retail FX trading industry of 2022?

Forex retail trading has grown significantly over the last decade, fueled by a combination of factors such as lower transaction costs, increased online accessibility, and the growth of mobile trading. Looking ahead to 2022, we believe there will be 6 key trends shaping the retail Forex industry: 1. Continued growth in emerging markets Emerging markets … Read more

GTR: agility will ‘separate winners from losers’

As per capita passenger spending declined during the first quarter of 2022, the director of the World Duty Free Association (TFWA) warned that the ability to react to changing circumstances “will separate the winners from the losers” in global travel retail (GTR). Success at GTR will depend on reacting to change, TFWA president said Today … Read more

MRI Software Announces Acquisition of Springboard, a Leading Provider of Retail Footfall Counting and AI-Powered Analytics

The acquisition will enable retailers and destinations to streamline operations through real-time data and actionable insights. LONDON, October 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MRI software, world leader in real estate software solutions, today announced the acquisition of the UK-based company Trampoline, a leading provider of AI-powered analytics and step counting for retailers, landlords, and government agencies. … Read more

why commercial banks will be key players

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), a digital form of central bank money, are firmly on the radar of central banks globally. According to the Atlantic Council more than 100 countries are actively exploring a CBDC. Many are further along in their journey and some have already launched. But why do we need them? And what … Read more

Colchester city centre retail scene fights for survival

DEBENHAMS, Next, and now Marks and Spencer: With three UK retail giants either going into administration or voluntarily moving out of the city centre, fears are growing that Colchester’s once-thriving shopping scene is now It’s turning into a ghost town. There are now three empty retail units in Colchester town center that have become towering … Read more

Machine learning in retail: essentials and 10 key applications

In recent years, between lockdowns, curfews, supply chain disruptions and energy crises, retailers must have felt like dinosaurs trying to dodge an asteroid shower and stave off extinction. But unlike those giant prehistoric reptiles, the retail industry could count on a wide range of technological innovations to better meet the challenges of these trying times. … Read more

DFI Beds opens first store in Newry

DFI BEDS, one of Ireland’s leading bed and mattress retailers, has opened its first physical store in the Quays Shopping Center complex in Newry. The family-run company Tyrone has invested over £225,000 in the development of the new store, a new website and a refreshed brand image, creating five full-time and part-time jobs With the … Read more

What are the top retail food companies in the world? Investment Monitor

Mondelez International, owner of the Oreo brand, is the world’s largest food company by sales, but what other companies are in the top ten? (Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images) food companies have experienced the ups and downs of the covid-19 pandemicwith drop in sales to restaurantswhile retail purchases increased as people cooked and … Read more

Retail champion to offer advice for East Lindsey businesses

Louth Market. Using the councils’ COVID-19 recovery funds, Clare’s work will show businesses how to better market themselves, tackle social media, manage stock control, sell to their ideal customer, dress up shop windows and generate curb appeal, with the aim of instilling business confidence, so that together we can develop joint shopping/leisure marketing campaigns. Clare … Read more