Property selling tips: Affordable changes to make to your garden to ‘impress’ buyers

Selling a home can be even more complicated than buying your first home, and one of the biggest hurdles is often finding an enthusiastic buyer. A fresh coat of paint and a deep clean will no doubt make your home look more appealing to buyers, though experts have urged sellers to reconsider how they present the landscaping, too. According to real estate experts, many home seekers see outdoor spaces as an “extra room,” so it’s crucial to keep it looking its best, especially in gloomy fall weather. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do on a small budget in just a few steps.

According to Rightmove, access to a garden is a priority for more than 60% of buyers looking for a new home, making it an easy selling point for sellers who have something to offer.

While having a garden is enough to attract more potential buyers than an apartment for the same price, taking the time to make it look attractive and presentable is crucial to making the move-in process more rewarding.

Speaking exclusively to, Charles Taylor, director of Composite Prime, said: “Using lighting instead of plants creates zoned areas and requires much less maintenance and upkeep.

“So tending to your yard and upgrading your outdoor space (no matter how small) is a great way to add perceived value and help sell your home.”

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You don’t even have to make significant changes to your outdoor space to reap the rewards. In fact, a few quick and affordable adjustments will suffice.

Trade plants for lights

Growing a whole new plant bed is next to impossible in the short term, but there is an alternative.

Speaking exclusively to, Charles Taylor, director of Composite Prime, said: “Using lighting instead of plants creates zoned areas and requires much less maintenance and upkeep.

“As night falls, the lighting can also be used to extend the time outdoors and make the most of the terrace area.

“The key is to strike a balance between comfort with warm lighting, built-ins, and natural textures, versus functionality that provides enough light to move around, meet, or enjoy dining.”

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According to Lisa Cooper, product manager for Thomas Sanderson, outdoor lighting is also ideal for use around ponds.

She said: “If you have a garden pond, try reflecting a few stationary lights into the water for an eye-catching glow no matter what the weather.”

Pendant lights hung above dining or living areas work well to create a “magical” atmosphere on the darkest days of fall.

Add colorful accessories

Lisa said: “Although it’s starting to get a bit cooler outside, it’s the right time to inject some sparkle into your outdoor seating area by arranging your patio furniture.”

Even if you only have a small deck with a table and a couple of chairs, vibrant cushions in cheery yellows and pinks will instantly perk up a tired-looking space.

Tidy up your lawn, beds and borders

Improving what you already have in the garden is the easiest way to improve the appearance of your green space.

Experts at The Property Center noted the importance of adding seasonal floral interest and pruning existing plants to enhance them.

They said: “During the winter months, gardens can still be places of creativity, nature and new growth.

“To keep your lawn looking beautiful, it’s important to remove dead grass, moss and weeds that have built up over the summer, as leaving it on can restrict air movement and cause drainage problems.”

Winter flowers such as crocuses, bluebells and hellebore thrive in cold weather and can be planted as potted plants in containers or garden beds for instant color.

Removing broken pots, raking up leaves, and of course keeping smelly compost heaps hidden are also essential to really impress buyers.

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