Property mistakes to avoid when selling your house – ‘there’s nothing worse’

Most people only move houses once or twice in their life. It’s a huge commitment, both mentally and financially, so how can you avoid the pitfalls of selling before the ‘For Sale’ sign appears? The property experts at House Move Pro have shared some of the mistakes Brits make when selling and how to combat them.

1. Choosing the wrong real estate agent

A real estate agent who does not perform is one of the main reasons why a home sale can fail.

Experts said: “There is nothing worse than being locked into a contract with a real estate agent when the viewings fizzle out or after that initial rush of excitement, you still haven’t received a single offer.

“Choosing the right real estate agent doesn’t always mean choosing the one with the highest appraisal or lowest commission rate.”

They suggested the Brits do some research and find out who people in the area are using, how quickly they are selling houses on their books, what their track record is in achieving the asking price, and how many people in their office could talk enthusiastically. and knowledgeable about the property.

The experts added: “Before you choose, make sure you get all the facts and, if you get an appraisal, ask the real estate agent to explain their reasoning.”

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2. Ask too much

This is by far the most common mistake sellers make, and it can cost sellers. Of course, all sellers want to get the best price for their property, but if the asking price is too high, they are already missing out on potential buyers.

Property professionals agreed: “Obsessing over a certain value you think your home is worth can spell a death sentence for the potential sale.”

According to Rightmove, 70 percent of the interest in a house comes in the first three weeks of putting it on the market. Experts warned: “If the price is too high, your property will look expensive and people will be instantly put off. Conversely, if your property appears to be of really good value, it will attract a lot of attention and viewing.

“Getting the price right will drive competition and generate buzz about your niche, which in turn will drive any offer to absolute market value.”

The longer a property is on the market, the less chance Britons have of selling it for a good price or, in some cases, selling it.

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3. Do not accept early offers

Each offer must be considered on its individual merits. Just because it’s the first doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Real estate experts explained: “As a seller, you need to make sure you know where the buyer stands, their financial situation, and most importantly, their motivation.

“Many buyers will call a real estate agent within an hour of leaving a viewing to ‘lock’ any further offers. Or they may be the first to get an offer because they have been waiting months for the right house to come on the market and are therefore highly motivated to move.” Get all the facts so you can make an informed decision moving forward.

4. Show buyers your surroundings

Surely the best person to show the house to potential buyers is the person who has lived there, right? Well, this is certainly not the case, according to the professionals.

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They said: “As tempting as it may be to lyrically talk about the joys of your home, sellers can often be too emotionally attached to pointing out all the finer details of your beloved home.

“Whether you feel like it’s politeness or courtesy, following the shopper into each room won’t help. It is important to give buyers space to look around the property in their own time.”

5. Say “no” to viewings

Keeping a home spotless for viewing can be a difficult task, especially for those who also live with small children and pets or have buyers request a viewing at a really inconvenient time.

However, property gurus urged: “Visits, at any time, are a great opportunity to sell. Prepare well in advance so you know where to store things at short notice, or try to encourage block visits to minimize disruption.”

6. Ignore maintenance

When listing a house for sale, it’s important that other people see the property in its best condition, both inside and out, to attract potential buyers.

Little things like fresh paint on your front door, flowers and plants, weeding your yard, or even a simple clean and tidy can make a big difference. Don’t underestimate what people will notice.

The experts explained: “Any DIY or minor repair work that needs to be done is key to making a good first impression. If a garden looks untidy and unkempt, does that mean the interior is just as unkempt?

“Make sure you present your home in top condition so buyers aren’t left with that sinking feeling of what else could be wrong.”

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