I’m a property expert – easy way to keep your home warm this winter and save on energy bills

HOUSEHOLDS are bracing for a costly winter, but there are easy ways to keep costs down that you may not have realized.

TikToker Kyle Mattison aka thattypeofproperty has revealed a simple trick you can use to make your radiators more efficient.


You could save a fortune on bills with a simple trickCredit: Getty

energy bills are capped at £2,500 for the next two years under PM Liz Truss’ new Energy Price Guarantee.

However, that only dictates what providers can charge – your bill may be higher depending on how much power you use.

To help stress some struggling households are facing, the experts are sharing the best easy tips to cut some costs on your annual bill.

But consider how much money you save on any trick It will depend on what appliances you have, what your energy usage is, and what your typical appliance settings are.

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A quick hack that Mattison shared on TikTok is to simply bleed the radiators before winter.

He said: “Releasing trapped air in radiators helps them run more efficiently, and the good thing about this is that it keeps your house warmer.”

If you don’t bleed the radiators, you could force them to work harder, which means you could end up wasting energy. heat nothing.

could develop cold spotswhere air is trapped inside.

He continued: “It’s a really simple job and you can buy a radiator wrench at most DIY stores.”

You can use a small valve wrench – like this one from Screwfix – which normally cost less than £2 at any hardware store.

All you need to do is turn the radiator cock slowly counterclockwise on the square valve on the side.

If you hear a hissing sound, trapped air is escaping; once this stops, close the valve to prevent water from escaping.

We also talk to a boiler expert who shared how important this quick task is.

Myles Robinson, an energy expert from boiler stationsaid: “Radiators with trapped air don’t circulate heat properly, meaning you pay full price for heating without getting the right amount of heat in return.

“Your heating system will also use more energy to compensate, increasing energy costs.”

How do I know if my radiator needs bleeding?

There are a few ways to tell if your radiators need bleeding.

They may take longer than normal to heat up or you may hear gurgling.

A good way to check if your radiator needs bleeding is to see if there are cold patches at the top but it’s hot at the bottom.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to bleed the radiator so that the hot water circulates freely, meaning it reaches the top again.

How else can I save on bills?

If you turn your thermostat down a notchcan help reduce your bills by a whopping £80 a year.

And keeping it at a constant temperature will save even more.

You should also make sure that turn off appliances and don’t leave them on standby, as this could unnecessarily add up to £35 to your bill.

We talk to a smart saver who slashed a whopping £180 off his energy bill just unplugging the plugs.

But if measures in your own home aren’t enough, there’s still time to apply for government plans that are designed to help you pay rising energy costs.

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You could get up to €300 to help cover the cost of your energy bills with Winter Fuel Payments, for example.

You must be an eligible pensioner to receive the aid, and payments depend on your age and whether you claim certain benefits.

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