Couple transform ‘rotting’ five-bed house into £800,000 family home

The couple have added £300k to the value of the property (Credits: Jam Press/@laurahome_)

When the pandemic put a halt to their wedding, couple Laura and Eddy decided to use the money for their big day on a five-bedroom house with rotting walls.

Determined to make it their ‘forever home’, for 11 months the couple transformed the semi-detached property.

And even when they found out that Laura was pregnant, they didn’t postpone their plans. They knocked down walls, removed floors, and rewired the entire house.

And now, they’ve added a staggering £300,000 to the value of their stunning new home.

Laura, 27, from Noth Yorkshire, said: “I really wanted to bring this beautiful old house to life.”

Laura said she discovered “a lot of horrors” when renewing, but added: “The journey has been incredibly difficult, but very rewarding.”

The couple bought the house in March 2021 for £500,000.

Laura said: “We had a big wedding planned that we had saved for a long time, but due to the cancellation, we decided to invest in our future and opt to buy our house forever.”

After finding the five-bedroom property, Laura, an engineering designer, was eager to make some changes.

She says: ‘I wanted it to be safe for years to come, as well as being more sustainable and energy efficient.

The walls were full of rotten wood (Credits: Jam Press/@laurahome_)

‘In the beginning, I had a lot of great ideas for the renovation, and did all the architectural design myself using AutoCAD software.

“After many reviews and speaking with family and friends, I have scaled back a lot.

“This was mainly due to having a strict budget to work with, so I had to be realistic and make concessions on where to allocate the funds.”

After brainstorming, as well as convincing Laura’s father to help run a construction company, they went to work on a tight budget.

And, in addition to renovating the house, the couple learned that they had a baby on the way.

She says: ‘Between selling our first house and buying the farm, I got pregnant.

“We considered backing out of the house purchase because we had no idea how we were going to do it all, but in the end, we decided to do it.”

The couple, along with Laura’s father, did their best for themselves.

She said: ‘We treated all the timbers as the woodworm had gotten to many of them, and we rebuilt the walls where it was structurally necessary.

Laura and Eddy completely remodeled their house (Credits: Jam Press/@laurahome_)
The stunning open-plan kitchen and dining room (Credits: Jam Press/@laurahome_)

“We removed the entire floor on the ground floor and rebuilt a completely new finish floor that included hard concrete, insulation, and an underfloor heating system.

‘Then we stripped down the old stud walls from the internal and external walls, before insulating and boarding them up, as well as plastering them.

There was also a complete rewiring and a completely new plumbing system and we wanted to convert to a more sustainable energy source so we removed the old oil heating system and installed a renewable energy source.

“This was very expensive, but government green grants helped ease the costs.”

The couple also demolished the internal walls of the ground floor to create a new design, adding steel beams to support the floor above.

Maintaining the key original features of the home, Laura and Eddy also sanded down the existing wood beams and kept the original stone walls in the kitchen.

In an attempt to create a modern family atmosphere, they refurbished the bathroom and kitchen and ended up relocating the custom staircase to the center of the house.

Laura said: ‘We ran into a number of issues but luckily nothing that caused any major setbacks.

Laura was interested in making her home more sustainable (Credits: Jam Press/@laurahome_)

‘The internal walls had been filled in with wood that was now rotting, as well as bits of rubble where they had obviously run out of bricks.

‘The inner walls also turned out to be sitting on foundations made of wood that was rotten, so the walls were almost sitting on nothing.

“The biggest problem we had was that we had to dig a trench in a nearby pole to install a new power supply to the house, as it was found that the old existing power cable in the house was not strong enough to hold a modern home.

Laura and Eddy’s impressive makeover has also made them go viral on TikTok, where Laura shared her journey with her 123,600 followers.

The final house reveal racked up 14.9 million views and over 3 million likes.

Although they still have more work to do around the house, the couple are delighted with how things are going.

Laura said: ‘Since we moved, we’ve taken the time to finally recover and work around the house when we can afford it.

‘Going forward, we have a list of projects to complete, such as the ground floor bathroom, dressing room, full utility landscaping, as well as replacing temporary items with quality materials.

‘We have all the time in the world, so we will get these jobs done on time.’

The mother of one hopes to share positivity and inspiration with her videos on TikTok, as well as motivate those who want to transform their homes.

Your luxurious bathroom (Credits: Jam Press/@laurahome_)
The house was rewired and equipped with new plumbing (Credits: Jam Press/@laurahome_)

She added: ‘Looking back now, I am in complete disbelief that we did that.

“Even though it wasn’t our plan, I think everything went as it was supposed to and I have a lot of admiration and respect for my husband.

‘Eddy spent all his free time in the house trying his best to do it and he did it by himself.

Now, we spend our mornings together in the kitchen and our evenings snuggled up on the couch in the living room.

“This house is also the place of many ‘firsts’ for my daughter and I am excited for her to grow up here.”

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