Country estate twice the size of Gibraltar for sale at £10million

It consists of 3,300 acres (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)

Have you always wanted to buy a large private estate for you and your friends to live in?

A new property listing could be right up your street.

A stunning estate that is twice the size of Gibraltar, and comes with its own island, 13 properties and several beaches, is on the market for £10.46m.

Tayvallich Estate is located on a little-known peninsula in Argyll, on the west coast of Scotland, and is made up of 3,300 acres, which may be sold in their entirety or divided into smaller parcels.

There’s plenty of land to play on (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)
There are 13 houses on the estate (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)
The plot is twice the size of Gibraltar (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)

In addition, the land is home to a geologically and ecologically remarkable Scottish landscape, with three different Special Areas of Conservation and five different Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).

There are 13 houses and cabins on the estate, which are currently occupied by employees and used as short-term vacation rentals.

The largest of these is Coshandrochaid House, which is a contemporary two-story property, with exceptional views over the southern tip of the peninsula.

The Scottish landscape (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)
There are several beaches (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)
It can be sold as a whole or divided into smaller parcels (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)
There is plenty of room to develop rundown buildings (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)

Potential buyers will also find plenty of development opportunities, with extensive ruins and dilapidated buildings elsewhere on the property.

So if you’re interested in taking on a small project, this could be for you.

But perhaps the highlight is Danna Island, which has been described as the “crown jewel” of the property.

This includes three estates, a variety of farm buildings and an impressive barrel-vaulted boathouse, woodland, grazing land and over 6km of waterfront with two jetties, stunning beaches and several smaller uninhabited islands.

Estate agents Strutt & Parker have described the listing as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

The main house (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)
A look inside (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)
‘A truly exceptional place’ (Image: Strutt&Parker/BNPS)

Robert McCulloch, head of Strutt & Parker’s Estates & Farm agency in Scotland, said: “The Tayvallich Peninsula is unlike any other I have seen on the market in the last two decades.

‘With four separate bodies of water forming its coastline, and made up of a group of islands of varying sizes, the property’s landscape is one of undulating topography generously covered with native forest. It is a truly exceptional place.

“For buyers, having the opportunity to purchase lots ranging from a 1,700-acre property on a quiet, verdant peninsula to a detached 811-acre island is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

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