All About King Charles III’s 7 Estates Across the U.K.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II On Thursday, King Charles III has officially become the new monarch of the United Kingdom.

With royalty comes real estate, and King Charles is no stranger to an impressive portfolio of properties across England, Scotland and Wales. Both inherited and purchased, the former Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, who is now queen consorthad a total of six properties of its own, and that’s before I added Queen Elizabeth‘s houses too, including his favourite, Balmoral, where he died.

Buckingham palace

Buckingham palace.
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After his accession to the throne, King Charles inherited Buckingham Palace, the most famous royal residence in the United Kingdom, however, he will not live there immediately. As noted below, his primary home is Clarence House.

The 775-room palace has served as the official London residence and administrative headquarters of UK royalty since 1837. It is also where the sovereign meets weekly with the prime minister, according to the royal official website.

Clarence House

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Clarence House is located next to St. James’s Palace in London and is the official residence of the former Prince of Wales.

Construction on the property was completed in 1827 and the house underwent major renovations between 2002 and 2003. It also functions as office space for the Prince of Wales’s household, and its main rooms are used “for receptions and other official entertainment and to receive official visitors. to the UK,” according to the official website.

The house is open to visitors every year during the month of August.

high grove house

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Two and a half hours from London is the “family home” of the King and Queen Consort in Gloucestershire, England, known as high grove house.

As indicated in the official website, King Charles “chose to live in Gloucestershire because of its easy access to London, Wales and other parts of Great Britain”. The property was purchased in 1980 and is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.

With a colorful garden and surrounding lush farmland, the estate also includes the impressive Orchard Room built from Cotswold stone in support of local architecture. King Charles used to hold briefings and receptions at Highgrove House.


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Another private residence of King Charles is located at the Balmoral estate in Scotland. Balmoral Castlewhere Queen Elizabeth died peacefully on Thursday, resides on the same property.

The royal couple enjoy spending their summers at the residence and getting involved in the local community. Some of his favorite activities include “fishing and walking in the Scottish countryside,” according to the website.

The King and Queen Consort also spent their honeymoon at the property, according to the bbc..


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Llwynywermod is the King’s Welsh estate located near the village of Myddfai, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire. The residence is used whenever the royal couple travels to Wales and during their annual summer tour.

After the purchase of the property in 2006, renovations were made to include locally sourced textiles and materials from Wales. The complex includes three cabins and a barn in addition to the main house, according to Garden house. The surrounding farmland is also home to many sheep.

Dumfries House

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Located in Ayrshire, Scotland is Dumfries House, which the King purchased in 2007 in an effort to restore and improve the historic property after it was put on sale.

In reference to the King’s reforms. The estate’s website notes that “the transformation of Dumfries House has brought many employment opportunities to the local area, which was hit hard by the demise of the coal mining industry, and stands as a prime example of resource-based regeneration. the Heritage”.

Although the property belongs to the King, it is primarily a tourist attraction where visitors can tour the grounds and even spend the night in the Dumfries Country House.

The Castle of Mei

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Finally, nestled on the north coast of Scotland, in Caithness, is the Castle of Mey, a property that King Charles inherited from his grandmother, the The Queen Motherafter his death in 2002. King Charles serves as president of the castle and “visits it at least once a year, renting the castle for a few days every August,” states the official website.

The historic estate also has a ten room bed and breakfastknown as the Lodge Barnwhere visitors can even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights when conditions are right.

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