Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Free Exploration Seems Less So By The Day

scarlet and violet pokemon they will be released soon, and despite a general lack of information shared by The Pokemon Company, many fans are looking forward to playing Gen 9 games to discover everything they have to offer, from critters to gameplay features. Among the most interesting novelties and mechanics is the possibility of playing in cooperative mode, and also the fact that scarlet and violet pokemon it will be completely open world for the first time in the series. Both of these are features that make Gen 9 particularly interesting, especially considering that upcoming games will also allow players to explore the Paldea region at their leisure right out of the box.


free exploration in scarlet and violet pokemon has often been heralded as a revolutionary system due to the fact that Gen 9 comes with three main stories, meaning that players can hypothetically focus on any one of them first, all at once, or even skip them altogether. The full experience is still intended to be one of finishing all three paths, but being able to explore the region without limits and gradually completing missions or objectives is actually a first for the series. However, as time goes on, this aspect of free exploration is seemingly becoming less by the day, raising questions about what it actually entails.

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Why and how the exploration of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet could be limited

It is not a mystery that almost all of scarlet and violet pokemonleaked pokedex by Riddler Khu and other sources in recent months, and Gen 9 is likely to go down as one of the most comprehensive breakout seasons in franchise history. Recently, Riddler Khu said that the new Bug-type pocket monsters are available early on, while creatures like the so-called poison flower and the pseudo-Legendary are late game, with Paradox Pokemon being late content.

While it makes sense for some mons to be found earlier than others based on their locations on the map, splitting the scarlet and violet pokemon experience in time-dependent progression bits contradicts everything that is said about free exploration. The logic is that if players could really go where they wanted from the get-go, then there wouldn’t be a “late game” subset of Pokemon, maybe just some that take a little longer to find because they don’t show up. on the routes early in the game, but perhaps further back in the Paldea region. For example, Pokémon Legends: Arceus has free scan until players need the various travel bugs to access other areas.

The implication is that players can technically explore parts of the Hisui region freely, but the full package only comes when they finish the story, and at that point, can it be considered free exploration? scarlet and violet pokemon‘s legendary could serve the same purpose, meaning players could be required to unlock all Koraidon and Miraidon forms to access certain areas of the map, and unlocking them could require completing certain story quests.

Worse yet, because scarlet and violet pokemon will have three main story paths, some travel upgrades could be locked behind each of them, meaning players could theoretically ignore them, but shouldn’t if they want to start their adventure or are looking for specific Pokémon. The whole concept is very reminiscent of Game Freak’s classic “HM case”, which typically limited players to access specific areas in the game until they unlocked moves like Slash or Navigate to explore the region by backtracking to points of interest. Overall, there’s a good chance that Gen 9 won’t allow players to truly explore Paldea freely, and that just makes the whole concept of an open world setting less relevant.

scarlet pokemon Y Violet will be released on November 18, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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