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Northampton General Hospital and Kettering General Hospital bring back face masks and visiting restrictions following rise in Covid cases

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The heads of Northamptonshire’s two main hospitals have told anyone entering the hospital to wear face masks and there will be restricted visiting hours following a spike in Covid cases.

The new measures on Thursday (October 6) follow data from England’s NHS which confirmed the number of patients treated for Covid more than quadruplicate at Northamptonshire General Hospital in a week from 13 to 64 at 8am on Wednesday (October 5).

Doctors are also pleading with people to stay away from the hospital if they have NONE symptoms of a disease.

NGH and KGH have seen an increase in the number of Covid patients in the last week.

A spokesperson said: “To help us keep everyone safe, please do not visit our hospital if you or someone in your household has Covid, a cough or any symptoms of Covid, the flu or a cold, or is vomiting or diarrhoea.

“We would also ask anyone who has tested positive for Covid not to visit the hospital unless in need of urgent medical care and contact. National Health Service 111 by phone or online instead.

“We will make it mandatory for all visitors to adult inpatient wards and clinical areas to wear masks, unless medically exempt.

“In addition to this, we will restrict visits to one visitor for one hour per day.

“This decision was made because we have seen an increase in covid cases in both hospitals in the last week and we are also seeing an increase in cases locally and regionally.”

“We know it’s hard not to see loved ones, however video calls are still available at both sites.

“We are working very hard to be able to allow visits to continue and would ask the local community to support us once again in doing what they can to protect patients and colleagues.”

NGH revealed on Sunday that two of its wards, Abington and Rowan, were closed after what bosses said was “an increase in the number of people with Covid in our hospital.” By Thursday, the Rowan and Knightly rooms were closed.

Rules on wearing masks were relaxed at the hospital less than a month ago.

But recent data from England’s NHS confirmed that the number of patients treated for Covid rose from 13 last week to 64 as of 8am on Wednesday (5 Oct).

A month ago, the number was seven.

KGH had another 57 Covid patients, up from 44 seven days earlier.

Since free testing was withdrawn earlier this year, analysts are using hospital figures to judge the spread of the virus.

A report in guardian this week revealed that more hospital trusts in the Midlands NHS region are taking steps to cope with demand.

It said Nottingham University Hospitals Trust declared a critical incident, postponing some operations due to extreme pressure, while in neighboring Lincolnshire, routine operations at the Diana, Princess of Wales hospital in Grimsby were cancelled.

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Northampton comes together to ‘commemorate and remember’ those affected by the Covid…

One of Britain’s top emergency doctors said there were links between such incidents and rising Covid hospitalisations.

Dr Adrian Boyle, incoming president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said: “Covid just makes everything that much more difficult and it’s completely valid to link this to critical incidents being called in across the country.

“All hospitals are feeling significant levels of pressure right now. Covid is a very heavy drop on the camel’s back.”

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