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Navy veteran, 91, with broken pelvis died after four day wait for hospital bed

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Navy veteran, 91, with broken pelvis died after four day wait for hospital bed

Chris Blake, who volunteered as Mr Janes’ carer for four years, put him in a wheelchair and took him to the emergency room at Cardiff’s Heath Hospital.

Mr. Janes spent the next seven hours all night. waiting in the ER in the wheelchair until they found a cart for him.

He was sent for an X-ray the next morning, but his ear was not cleaned or sewn up until 5pm, approximately 24 hours after Mr Blake first called 999.

There were no beds available for the 91-year-old at Heath Hospital, so he spent the following three days waiting in the emergency room in the car A CT scan revealed that she had a fractured pelvis.

Eventually, he was transferred to another hospital, University Hospital Llandough, where a bed was available for him.

He tested positive for covid on Sunday and died of the virus on Wednesday, his family and Blake told The Telegraph.

Blake said: “I’ve thought about it ever since and doubted myself. If I didn’t take him to A&E, I really think he would still be alive.”

Hoping to become ‘new normal’

And he added: “It is difficult because we hope that it will be like this now. It’s not weird that I know [that we will be] waiting for ambulances for hours, waiting in the ER for hours, that’s like the [new] normal.”

The A&E nurses and doctors were “brilliant” with Mr. Janes, he said.

Rick Mckay, from Essex, a nephew of Mr Janes, said the 91-year-old had been deteriorating before his fall and may not have survived much longer.

But he believes he “would have been here a lot longer if he hadn’t gone in there and sat there for so long and got Covid.”

“But I don’t blame the NHS for that, they are working under massive pressure, they don’t have what they need to keep everyone safe, they don’t have funds for anything, they don’t have staff.” he added she.

Mr Mckay said his uncle “shouldn’t have been waiting for an ambulance all this time…he had a broken hip, can you imagine the pain he was in?”

“We are under extreme pressure”

A spokesperson for the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board offered condolences to the family and apologized for Mr Janes’ experience of care.

Liam Williams, Executive Director of Quality and Nursing for the Welsh Ambulance Service, also apologized for the family’s experience.

“The recent extreme pressures being experienced across the entire health service, including our ambulance service, have caused significant delays for many patients,” he said.

“This includes the loss of hundreds of hours per day as a result of hospital delivery delays, which has affected our ability to respond.”

My brother waited 13 hours for an ambulance.

An investigation has been launched after a “fit and healthy” man died after waiting 13 hours for an ambulance.

Ray Easterbrook, 77 years old, died at home in Downton, Wiltshire, after suffering severe stomach pains.

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) has now started an investigation why you did not give a “timely response” to your family’s request for help.

On December 12, Ray, a retired mail carrier, told his four brothers and two sisters that he was experiencing excruciating stomach pains.

His younger brother, Martin, 64, said he “was weak as a kitten.”

“Two of my brothers had tried to get him out of bed to take him to the hospital, but he collapsed in a heap,” she added.

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